Best of Top Gear: Told By A Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode Pt. 5

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So I know it’s not Thursday, but with the new MyFord Touch upgrade that came out last week it’s been pretty busy here at Lebanon Ford. But we still have an action packed list of the best Top Gear episodes, complete with a great Special episode.

Series 13: Episode 3

We’re able to see the guys take on the banks when they show them what they’ve created about the future of driving. If you have ever heard of YouTube, then chances are you’ve seen one of Ken Blocks videos. In this episode Top Gear sends Captain Slow to ride along with Ken in one of his Gymkhana videos.

Series 13: Episode 5

In this episode the fierce battle between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive gets tackled by Jeremy, James and Richard. They test bargain vehicles to prove to the producers that rear wheel drive is better then front wheel drive. The challenges are tough and with their personal, prized possessions on the line, this episode is a must watch.

Series 13: Episode 7

The Volkswagen Scirocco TDI is a car only sold across the pond. In this episode, James and Jeremy try their hand at creating an TV ad spot for the Scirocco. Let’s hope if the whole Top Gear thing doesn’t work out that they go into advertising, because I would buy whatever they are selling. The end of this episode is one of the best clips I’ve ever seen on any television show. This is one of the episodes that will hold a special place in your heart.

Series 14: Episode 1

If you’re looking for the World’s best road to drive on then look no further than this Top Gear episode. All you need is a couple of sports cars and a ticket to Romania. There’s also a little treat for James in this episode. Also make sure you stay away from the gypsies.

Series 14: Episode 2

This is an episode my friends and I still joke about. There is even a reference to Jeremy’s Mood Room in our myTech Team Introduction Video. Check out the episode and then watch our video and see if you can find it. On a side note, why hasn’t anyone named a vehicle Geoff yet?!

Series 14: Episode 4

Jeremy’s review of the Fiesta isn’t exactly what one particular viewer had wanted, so Jeremy decides to try his hand at it again, but this time taking  to the viewer’s home town. This is what happens when Clarkson tries to be sensible.


We have another Special this week, this time the chaps go to Bolivia. They are literally dropped in the middle of the Rainforest and are challenged to navigate through dense forests, volcanoes, deserts, and the world’s most dangerous road. The destination is the Pacific Ocean and they intend to do it all in bargain 4×4’s.

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The Best of Top Gear: Told by a Guy Whose Watched Every Episode 

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