Power of Color Gives 2013 Ford Fusion Sophisticated Detail

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With our attention spans becoming increasingly limited it’s essential for manufacturers find the right colors to display critical and non critical information to the driver without distracting them.  Knowing this, Ford researchers were able to develop lighting that works closely with the overall Fusion design to create a balance of illumination. According to Ford, this balance reduces driver eye strain and optimizes the driver-vehicle interaction.

The Fusion’s Attention to Detail

“Lighting in a vehicle is about space and dimension”, said Ford’s Technical Leader for Design, Mahendra Dassanayake in a recent Ford Media article. “But there’s more to it. Lighting gives you a sense of orientation”, said Dassanayake. “It’s a unique combination of functionality and comfort. Lights, graphics and displays are critical to drivers; we need to make sure that information is presented to the customer in an effective way”. The research didn’t stop there. Ford tested how lighting affects the interior of the car from the driver’s perspective, checking how light would be reflected off different textures and materials within the Fusion. These tests were conducted in a multitude of lighting conditions to insure driver eye strain was reduced as much as possible. The attention to detail that went into the design of the 2013 Fusion is simply terrific. Every potential issue was thought of and corrected by Ford, ensuring your driving experience is unlike any other.

The Power of Color

Colors can be used for a variety of things such as signaling action, influencing mood and causing physiological reactions. They can even increase your metabolism, raise your blood pressure or cause eye strain. So when coming up with the color selections for the Fusion’s ambient lighting system, designers were careful to choose only the best. They picked 7 colors; ice blue, purple, blue, orange, red, white and green. This ambient lighting system gives customers the ability to decide which color will be prominently displayed throughout the car.

Colors and their meaning, brought to you by Ford:

  • White: quiet yet brilliant
  • Orange: outgoing and optimistic
  • Red: the attention-getter
  • Ice Blue: cool and alert
  • Green: refreshing and relaxing
  • Blue: dependable and loyal
  • Purple: magical and complex

The Fusion’s Sophisticated Interior

The redesigned Ford Fusion was unveiled earlier this year at the North American International Auto Show . By far the best looking car to be seen in a long time. With its aggressive sporty and sexy look this car will have no trouble turning heads when it goes on sale later this year. “Buying a car is very similar to dating,” said Interior Chief Designer Michael Arbaugh. “You saw the exterior of the new Fusion, and were drawn to it. Now when you see the interior, you realize it’s more than just looks – you want to be in a long-term relationship.”

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