The Best of Top Gear: Told By a Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode Pt.6

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We have some great episodes for you this week in our Best of Top Gear series. Two great specials, a national rivalry, and the Reliant Robin in action again. Remember to check our other Best of Top Gear lists and if you have any comments or suggestions write them in the comment section below. Enjoy.

Series 15 Episode 1

This is one of the greatest road challenges in Top Gear history (IMO). Jeremy road tests the infamous Reliant Robin. On his journey he will encounter perils and dangers that his co-presenters only dream of. Did you know Princess Diana owned one?

Series 15 Episode 4

The guys try their hand at improving caravans by creating their own. It goes so wrong, so quickly. Especially when Jeremy creates a three story structure complete with a Japanese rock garden. During their challenge they have to travel on the express way to reach their destination. And you thought that top heavy SUV was tough to control in the wind…

Series 15 Episode 5

James May makes it into the record books when he takes the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to its top speed. There is also a excellent tribute video to Aryton Senna. If you don’t know who that is he was an excellent F1 driver. There is also a movie that Jeremy recommends at the end of the tribute. It is a excellent video and you can watch it on Netflix.

Series 15 Episode 6

I love when funny shows get serious every once and awhile. What they say just hits so much harder. The crew looks at TVR’s history as they buy 3 bargain TVR’s and then travel to the manufacturing plants where they were made. If I were to create a best of the best list this episode would be in there without a second thought.


This is the second time Top Gear goes to the U.S. The first time the almost got killed when they vandalized each other’s vehicle.  This time they are here to test out America’s greatest driving road. Which doesn’t turn out like they hope. Make sure to watch the full episode to see them shoot up The Stig and try and navigate the urban jungle known only as NYC.


The chaps are in the Middle East in search of the Baby Jesus. They travel through war infested countries in affordable convertables t0 try and attempt to reenact the 3 Wise Men’s travels. Oh and Jeremy’s arm almost rots off and James takes a nasty fall. Complete with bloody heads, hospital trips and bandages.

Series 16 Episode 2

It’s the U.K. Top Gear vs. Australia Top Gear, filled with fun banter and racial jabs. There are some challenges you might recognize from the U.K. vs. Germany episode. This time though they have a little Aussie twist to them, or should I say flip. There’s even sheep herding which surprisingly Australians are extremely good at.

Series 16 Episode 3

Ever been to Albania? Ever want to go to Albania? Well Top Gear has done it for you. If you happen to be in the Albanian Mafia and looking for a new ride look no further. Jeremy, Richard and James test three luxury cars with you in mind. Although not everyone makes it back when they decide to rob a bank to show which is a better get away car.

Series 16 Episode 4

With all the challenges Top Gear has done it’s a wonder how they’ve always managed to avoid choosing the same car. Well that ends here when they all buy bargain BMW 325i’s. They decided to ditch the challenges the producers have laid out for them to decide who got the best deal. This episode will also scar you from buying a used car for a long time.

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The Best of Top Gear: Told by a Guy Whose Watched Every Episode 

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