How the 2013 Ford C-Max Compares to the Competition [w/video]

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The upcoming 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid and Hybrid Energi is the go-to car for any go-green American. Beating out the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt as the most fuel efficient car on the road. Not to mention winning the 2012 Green Car Vision Award at the Washington Auto Show earlier this year.

What makes the Ford C-Max so efficient?

Driving the C-Max is a 2.0-liter I-4 Atkinson cycle gasoline engine and hybrid drive system. The combined output of both systems is expected to be around 185 horsepower. The drive system is an evolution of the Ford Fusion Hybrid system which can be found in the newly redesigned model coming this fall. Both the Hybrid and the Hybrid Energi will carry a lithium ion-battery. The Energi model will carry about 300 lbs. more battery, giving it the capability of traveling longer distances solely on the battery pack. The C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi will also share a power-split architecture. This engineering allows both vehicles to operate in either electric mode, gas mode, or a combination of both.

Fuel Efficiency

A recent New York Times article stated, “the C-Max Hybrid would approach 45 miles per gallon in combined driving” according to John Davis, chief engineer of the C-Max. This would beat the E.P.A certified 42 mpg of the all new Toyota Prius V wagon.  The plug-in Energi, would also beat the Chevy Volt’s miles per gallon equivalent (93 MPGe) and overall driving range said Davis. The biggest improvement though is the Energi’s ability to fully charge in under 3.5 hours through an optional 240 volt home charger. If you choose not to purchase the home charger a 120 volt charger comes standard.

Storage Space

The European C-Max which can be optioned out with a third row like the Mazda 5 will not be available in the American model. The third row will instead be the home for the battery packs.  Below is the storage space available for the C-Max and its competitors:

  • C-Max Hybrid- 24.9 cubic feet
  • C-Max Hyrbid Energi- 19.1 cubic feet
  • Toyota Prius V- 34.3 cubic feet
  • Toyota Sienna- 39.1 cubic feet
  • Honda Odyssey- 38.4 cubic feet
  • Chevy volt- 10.4 cubic feet
  • Nissan Leaf- 14.5 cubic feet

C-Max Energi First Look:


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  • Sfgrd

    Love the Energi concept. Anyone know the ETA for release? I may hold off on buying that volt.

    • Jeff Cryder

      C-Max hybrid will be released May-June 2012 followed by the C-Max Energi. The Energi model will only be sold in select cities.

  • Biker39

    now if Ford would just go the extra mile for us in snow country and offer the hybrid and Energi as awd I would buy one for sure. Sure disappointed that the plugin hybrid won’t be offered in the new Escape. 

    • Jeff Cryder

      Great suggestion! However here’s why I believe it will be sometime before we see an AWD hybrid/energi: AWD would be a huge drain on MPGe (Miles Per Gallon Equivlant). Manufacturers are in an “arms race” to acheive the highest battery range. An AWD hybrid/energi would hurt those numbers.

  • Nanoo100

    major bummer that this car will not be available with 3rd row.  that is the key point that will probably push me to another vehicle, perhaps the outlander plug-in.

  • Teaser38

    Behind the seats storage capacity is pitiful. It’s barely any better than a standard Focus hatch. Not going to beat Toyota with that storage space since the regular Prius gets much higher MPG’s. BTW, there are 2 different C-maxes sold in Europe. This is not based on the 7 seat C-Max Grand, but the regular 5 seat Focus on stilts C-max.

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