The Benefits of Pairing Your Media Player with MyFord Touch

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If you have a media player you probably use it on a very regular basis. Whether it’s an iPod, iPad, Zune or even your iPhone, listening to music is a big part of our everyday schedule. You’re listening to it when you’re working out, at the office, working on that school project, and definitely when you’re in the car. Ford knows music is ingrained in our lives, and they’ve used the MyFord Touch system to make it a more easy and enjoyable experience.

Album Art

MyFord Touch allows the transfer of your album art so you will always know what is being played even if you don’t have time to read the text.

Voice Control

On a busy street or just stuck during rush hour, MyFord Touch has you covered. Use your voice to name an Artist, Track, Playlist or even a Genre you would like to hear. All of this can be done without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. There’s no reason we should have to compromise safety for a much needed song change.

Automatic Play/Pause

Hop into your vehicle and go with automatic play/pause. Once your device is hooked up it will play as soon as you select the USB port. Got an important phone call through SYNC? Don’t worry. Your device will automatically pause your song so you’ll never miss a beat (quite literally). Once the call is ended the device will resume, no action required.


Don’t you hate it when you hit play on your media player only to notice it won’t make it to your destination. There’s no time to charge it at home. What do you do? Just plug in to your USB port in your vehicle, and it will charge instantly whether you’re using it or not. Never will you have to listen to boring radio stations again.

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