3 Tips to Keep That Evil Gas Pump In Check

Gas Pump image

With winter nearing a close and the unseasonal summer-like weather, Cincinnatians everywhere are hopping into their cars, rolling the windows down, and turning the radio up to shrug off a long winter indoors. While the thought of picnics, bike rides, walks near the river, and other outdoor activities dance in our heads, there is an evil villain attempting to rob our good time. Who is that villain you ask, it is no other than the evil gas pump. So before you fall victim to the Grinch of gasoline, review my tips so we all can have a safe and happy Cincinnati-Whoville Spring.

Shop location

If possible seek out a small town or rural area near your home or work. Most often, rural towns and neighborhoods have gas prices much cheaper than the suburbs or city.

Fill up on weekdays

Buy gas through the week. While it may surprise you, gas companies are out to make the most money possible (shocker I know). Americans travel for leisure most often on the weekends and gas companies bet on drivers to wait to the weekend to fill up.

Buy within your range

Establish a realistic gas price range to purchase gas. Instead of waiting until your tank is empty, be aware of the gas prices at the stations around your daily commute. If gas is within your desirable gas range than buy it. You will save money in the long run by sticking to a budget.

What strategies do you have to save money at the pump?