7 Surefire Articles to Help You Save Money at the Gas Pump

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With the average price for regular gasoline jumping to $3.76 a gallon nationwide what steps are you taking to save more at the gas pump? It’s been reported, the national average per gallon has gone up nearly 30 cents since February and in some markets, prices have already hit the $4 mark! Which makes you wonder, if this is the year we reach the threatening $5 a gallon mark?

Due to this current rise in gas prices we’ve decided to assemble a surefire list of the top tips and articles from around the web to help you save when it comes time to fill her up.

7 Quick Fuel Saving Tips

Moving to a more fuel- efficient vehicle can be one of the ways you and your family can save at the pump. However, if you are unable to, or just don’t care to make the switch; following these 7 easy implement steps could help in reducing your overall fuel cost, says the Associated Press:

  1. Drive slower and smarter*
  2. Reduce idling
  3. Shop smarter
  4. Fill up the tank midweek
  5. Do regular maintenance
  6. Skip premium fuel
  7. Use gas cards

*This first tip brings up an interesting discussion. Research has shown, nursing your speed up to the speed limit actually lowers your MPG. The reason being, lower gears burn fuel quicker than high gears. Popular Mechanics found that taking 15 seconds to accelerate to 50 mph used less fuel than taking 30 seconds to reach the same speed, because the car entered its top, fuel-​saving gear sooner.” Jeff Cryder & Zach Bello discussed this article on our podcast last summer.

7 Articles to Help You Save

To help you gain even more insight on reducing your cost at the pump here’s a complied list of the top 7 articles on how to save when filling up. These articles are sure to give you quick and easy tips to help you through those $4 and possibly $5 dollar a gallon moments.

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  3. Gas Prices – 10 Best Ways To Save Money At The Pump This Summer via Daily Markets
  4. 10 Ways to Save at the Pump via MSN Autos
  5. Important Information that can Save You Money via Federal Trade Commission
  6. 5 Easy Ways to Save at the Pump via US News
  7. High gas prices: Fill ’er up, but hold the energy drink via Miami Herald

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