What You Could Do with $4.00

With fuel costs rising to nearly $4.00 a gallon Americans everywhere are feeling the pressure. Get the kids to track practice, drive to see family in another state, or simply to drive to the grocery down the street. While many of these daily errands cannot and should not be avoided, experts have estimated that a significant number of Americans will decide to forgo their upcoming trips and instead decide to go on a more economical stay-cation. With these thoughts in mind, I came up with three entertaining things you could spend your $4.00’s on instead of a gallon of gas.

Online or TV Ordered Movies

Most of these movies cost less than $4.00’s to rent and will save you money in gas, expensive snacks, and a few gallons of gas.

A Pair of Cheap Sun Glasses

Studies show that vitamins from the suns rays increase happiness. With the right weather outside and the necessary amount of sunblock, you can have hours of fun lying in the sun that again will save you at the pump (and allow you to become one with mother nature).

Four Songs on iTunes

You can jam out to your favorite tunes to boost your mood (or drown your sorrows about gas prices) all the while saving that $4.00 a gallon on gas.

How would you save $4.00 a gallon and find entertainment?