Oh Geese!!!

Waddle, waddle, honk, honk, confused stare. As spring begins, so does the troops of geese congregating everywhere. Standing on the sidewalk, nesting near a car, and of course everyone’s favorite, the Macy’s Day Parade style strut down the street (and you know Papa Goose called all the cousins for that walk when your trying to get home from work). While these half speed bags of feathers can be rather annoying, the fact is these geese could say the same about us.

With the sights of orange barrels, heavy equipment, and shirtless construction workers (may or may not be a good sight depending on the crew), change means progress but it also means fewer places for indigenous Cincinnati species, like geese, to live. While I am in no way trying to hold up progress or chain myself to a bull dozer’s blade, I am simply pointing out that we Cincinnatians are as responsible for the annoying geese as those feathery waddling butts two inches from your front bumper. Our roads stole their ponds!

To protect your ride and also those loveable bags of feathers, make sure you check out Lebanon Ford’s deal on tires and brakes. I mean come on, Randy Johnson blowing up the bird with the baseball was cool on YouTube but may be difficult to explain to why there is a cloud of feathers raining from the sky to the kids.