Honey, My Car Needs Brakes?

car brake image

Let’s face it, cars like seventeen-year-old girls are high maintenance. Oil changes, new wiper blades, new brakes, replacement hoses, replacement lines, tail lights, head lights, O-rings, head gaskets and if you’re extra lucky a new transmission. With all of these things that need to be fixed or replaced during the life of your car, the question is not when they will be fixed but rather who will fix them?

In the 21st century, the answer seems to be whoever has a free half hour amidst the kids, school, and work obligations. Women no longer have to seek out their man’s advice on car matters. The 20 minute lube tube stations make it easier than ordering a Starbucks frappe lappe. So if anyone can do it, why do some women still seek out their men to handle the car service projects?

Reason one: They are unsure of themselves. Who can blame them? Open the car’s hood and it’s like a three year old opening a body for heart surgery. What are all these tubes and dangerous looking things?

Reason two: They are building up their man’s pride, trying to walk the fine line between “modern woman” and “good little wife.” Impossible to do both, but do we ever try. It’s not that she can’t take their car to get it serviced—she probably did it for years before HE ever came along. It’s that she knows his pride will be hurt when she brags about the fabulous deal she got on synthetic oil at the nearest servicing station.

This dilemma is filled with confusion but is quite fixable: if the man’s doing laundry at your house, and has no problem handling a dirty diaper, then it’s clear that the woman can go buy new tires. However, if a woman is uncomfortable negotiating those waters, they should bring a reliable backup—be it a man or a friend or anyone. If your problem is a lack of confidence, ladies, consider this: chances are, if the guy is taking it to the service department instead of getting under the hood himself, he knows little more than you.