Sometimes I Just Wish My Car Could Fly

If you are like me and find yourself sitting on the I-75 parking lot during the evening rush hour, you have quite a bit of time to think. For me, after about the 20th annoying minute of the standstill I begin to wish my car could, well, fly over the traffic. Now while you may think that this is some distant dream or out of a James Bond movie, this fantasy is much closer to a near-future reality.

The Dutch Company PAL-V has recently reported successful tests of its prototype (PAL-V1). The vehicle is designed to perform like a sports car on land but in minutes can be converted to a fully functional helicopter. While the company and the tests are optimistic, the price tag and recent oil price hike has stalled its production.

Unfortunately however, before I rush out and pre-order my very own  PAL-V 1, I think I’ll save the small fortune it will probably cost for such a car, plane, helicopter…err whatever and stick to flying over traffic in my rush hour dreams.

How much is too much money for a flying car?