The Lazy Drivers Way to View Your Ford’s Average MPG

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Most people love to check their MPG, which is usually part of the reason we decide to purchase a car in the first place. When it comes to checking whether you’re getting those estimated MPG’s is a lot simpler than you might imagine. Gone are the days when you have to fill up your car, wait till it goes to empty, then calculate how many miles you’ve driven on your odometer. Now a days you can check it with a simple push a button; even see your instant MPG, to see how certain driving habits affect what kind of gas mileage you’ll be receiving. Below I’ve listed the ways you can view your MPG no matter what type of Ford vehicle you own.

SYNC & SYNC with Navigation

Locate the “Info” “Setup” “Reset” buttons in your vehicle. They are usually located the left of the steering wheel column or above the center console. Use the “Info” button to cycle through your vehicles information which is located below your gauges. The info button will cycle through your trip 1 & 2, miles to E and even MPG. Just click the “Info” button till you see “AVG MPG”, the number displayed in front of the text is the MPG your currently averaging. Press the “Info” button one more time and you’ll see “MPG” with two arrows. One will be pointing down while the other with be pointing up. This is your instant MPG. While it won’t display any numbers it will show you when you’re getting the best MPG by a bar graph. The closer the bars get to the upward facing arrow the better your MPG. When the bars are more toward the downward facing arrow the worse your MPG.


In the MyFord system you will have a 5-Directional Control pad located on the left of the steering wheel. Use the up arrow to either “Trip 1” or “Trip 2” and press the “Ok” button located in the center of the Control Pad. Then use the down arrow to scroll till you see “Average Fuel”. Once there you will be able to see what your vehicle’s current MPG average.

MyFord Touch

Similar to the MyFord system, the MyFord Touch system uses the same 5-Directional Control Pad on the left of the steering wheel to access your MPG. Use the down arrow to highlight “Fule Economy”. Press the “Ok” button located in the middle of the Directional Pad to access the “Fuel Economy”. Once there the first screen you will see is “Instant Fuel Economy”. This works just like the MyFord instant fuel economy. If you use the right arrow to go to the next tab you will notice that you will have access to “5 min Fuel History”. Instead of seeing instant MPG this tab will allow you to see your MPG over the course of 5 minutes. If you press the right arrow one more time you will be able to adjust the time to either 5-10-30 minutes or have the system log your MPG every time you reset it.

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