I Got My Google Goggles On

I’ve heard of swimmer’s goggles, protective goggles, and even beer goggles but Google Goggles has to be a first. Imagine leaving your cellphone, datebook, camera, and every other item that keeps your life afloat and instead put on the Google Goggles. The Goggles (project glass) powered by Google+ allows the user to be completely technologically connected at all times and instead of looking down at a phone or computer screen, the user will look through goggles to field pertinent calls, appointments, and other pieces of information overlaying the outside world like a heads of display. The most cool/creepy part is that the Google Goggles can also see where you are at all times and will give you information about where you are and what you look at to better serve/creep you/and help others do the same.

While this technology sounds fascinating and will most likely be the steppingstone to the next major method we Americans use to interact with each other, I do wonder how will Google Goggles work logistically? Will the goggles be more of a distraction or less of a distraction than looking down at a phone screen? Will these goggles be outlawed for car use? Will this goggle technology be incorporated into car windshields in the future? While we will have to patiently wait for the answers to these questions I can definitively say that for me, technology is invasive enough in my life as it is, and I’m not sure if I want the whole world to not only be with me but see every street I walk down, every restaurant I eat at, and hopefully not have a newsfeed of every thought I think or word I say. Would you wear Google Goggles?