Tidy Cat Throws Litter in the Eye of Over-the-Rhine

cat litter image

When you think of Tidy Cat Litter, one of the last adjectives that come to mind is controversial. That all changed however with Tidy Cat’s launch of their NoMorePU ad campaign, which includes the use of various billboards around major cities. While this ad campaign sounds very typical, everything changed after one billboard was raised above Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati. The billboard read “You’re so over Over-the-Rhine. Life Stinks.”

Tidy Cat Billboard image

Clearly, as Cincinnatians drive by this billboard, its message can be taken more than one way and one interpretation is less than flattering for a part of Cincinnati that has had a long history of struggle (but has shown drastic improvement from the Over-the-Rhine revitalization projects). While my point here is not to debate what Tidy Cat meant with its language on the billboard, the billboard’s placement was less than ideal. Moreover, this is yet another reminder that regardless of whether people say things in public, place feelings on the internet, or put them on a billboard for people to read as they whiz by in their cars, once it’s out there, it’s out there and sometimes it is better to take a more direct and less cute approach to advertising.

What do you think; does the Tidy Cat billboard offend you?