Ford Plugs Into the Electric Market with the Focus Electric

Ford Focus EV image

Electric car enthusiasts rejoice, recent reports have announced that the Electric Ford Focus will be available to purchase in late 2012. While many have waited patiently for well over a year for this car, the wait was worth it. The new Electric Focus will be equipped with a 141-horse power electric motor that charges in less than three hours (better than the leading competitor), a eco friendly interior (much of which is made from recycled water bottles), and a Microsoft driven computer system that can be synced with your smart phone. While the price tag is expected to be about $39,500, that figure is not so large when the Electric Focus only costs about $3 to charge, instead of $3 a gallon for a gas-powered car.

While the Electric Focus’ sales success is yet to be seen, the car appears to be a formidable contender in the electric car market.