Tax Day: One of the Most Dangerous Driving Days of the Year

Yesterday, April 17th, Americans everywhere raced around their local cities with their taxes in hand and hopefully signed at the bottom, hoping to get their taxes in on time. From the rigors of this important financial time, it comes to no surprise that many Americans stressed, lost sleep, and may have even cried over their taxes. It is then less surprising that recent reports indicate that Tax Day is one of the most dangerous driving days of the year.

According to the reports, Americans are distracted, unrested, and generally stressed about their taxes and not concerned with other important tasks, like driving.  Most likely your Tuesday went without a fender bender but these facts are an ever-important reminder on how dangerous driving on American roads can really be (especially when distracted).

With these thoughts in mind, I hope you unplug, stay alert, and drive as defensively as possible and I hope you also get a great return on your taxes aswell.