The Cincinnati Prime Outlets Have Gone Green

As I wrapped up a very successful day at the Cincinnati (Monroe) Outlet Mall, complete with a tall coffee, a bag full of necessary purchases, and an Auntie Ann’s pretzel, something odd in the parking lot caught my attention. After closer investigation and nearly walking into an inconveniently placed pole, I realized that the Outlet Mall has a public electric car recharging station.

The idea is for electric car owners to have a place to go (and shop) while they wait for their electric car to charge. For the time being, Monroe Outlets only has two recharging stations, but nobody seems to be complaining on waiting for a charge either (the stations seem to be better suited as a bird perch than anything else). While the Outlet Mall will have to wait for electric cars to catch on with more Ohio drivers, it is good to know that local businesses are aware of technological change and are working to reduce the carbon footprint in their community.

Oh and by the way, maybe well all should be looking to an electric car because the average price of these public refueling stations are between $0 and $3 for a complete charge.