When In Doubt Read the Directions

While this may be obvious for some of you, if you are anything like me, I like to open whatever I buy and figure out how it works as I go. I mean most things are common sense right? To be more specific, I urge all of you to take a look at your car manual the next time you have a car related issue (the rather cumbersome book collecting dust that is probably in your passenger side glove box).

While I will in no way suggest that your car owner’s manual is by any means a Hunger Games inspired page turner, the book does contain a lot of valuable information. Manuals include everything from how to adjust your power seat all the way to removing your front headlight cover to replace the bulb. While it may take time and not be the most popular thing to do, reading your owner’s manual really empowers the reader to take their car maintenance and minor repair into their own hands. Take it from me, before reading my owner’s manual, I never thought I could reset a faulty attention chime that rang every time I started my car.

What have you fixed using your car owner’s manual?