Newsflash: Gas Prices Don’t Matter

Why do people go crazy for gas prices that are three cents cheaper than the station down the street? When they get a Starbucks, they have no problem paying $3.65 instead of a 99 cents gas station coffee. When they go to the grocery to buy broccoli, 99 percent of people (made up statistic) don’t even read the price sign. They just get the broccoli. Just like we get the gas, have always gotten the gas, and will continue to get gas, no matter what, until all the gas is gone.

I learned, from experience this week, that it is exhilarating to find $3.46/gallon gas prices. It’s even exciting to wait while three cars fill up in front of you in a line at the gas pump. What’s not exhilarating, however, is when the grand total that goes onto my credit card is only a few dollars difference, in the end, than if I hadn’t waited for twenty eight—yes, twenty eight—minutes for a tank of overpriced gas. Here’s the facts. Gas is overpriced if it is anymore than $1 per gallon. Period. Save your GAS and don’t wait in an overcrowded parking lot to save on gas.