So Your Phone Won’t Connect to Ford SYNC. Here’s Your Solution.

Connect Phone SYNC pic

If you’re trying to connect your phone to Microsoft SYNC using the traditional method but are encountering the scenarios below, have no fear. If you aren’t experiencing the scenarios, but still need help in connecting your phone than try our SYNC pairing articles for Android, iPhone and Blackberry to view our easy step by step instructions.

Scenarios You Might Be Encountering

  1. You’ve brought up the six digit pin on your vehicles screen. When you’re trying to pair your phone to SYNC it wont display the entry field required to enter the six digit pin.
  2. Your phone pairs great, for a couple seconds, then disconnects. Your phone might even reboot itself soon after it connects to SYNC.
  3. If you have a older version of Android you’ll require a 4 digit special pin. While we have an article on how to display a special pin, you can also perform the reverse pairing process we’re going to walk through here as an alternative.

The Solution

Ok, so we’ve established that you’re having trouble connecting your phone to Ford’s Microsoft SYNC, whether it’s through one of the examples above or not. So lets now walk through how you to fix this little issue that is driving you to the edges of insanity. No matter what infotainment system you have, when your completing the steps you must have “Discovery Mode” on your phone turned “ON”.  It is usually found under options in your bluetooth menu. If you have an iPhone it will put itself in discovery mode automatically when your in your Bluetooth Menu.

SYNC & MyFord


Ford SYNC pic    Focus MyFord pic

  1. When you come across the text “Find SYNC” while trying to pair your phone use the Tune knob to find and select “Find Bluetooth Devices”.
  2. When your vehicle finds and displays your phone go ahead and select it by pressing “Ok”.
  3. It will then have you create a pin number to enter in your phone. You can create this with your voice or you can just type it in with the numbers you use for your presets. If you use the numbers, after you type in your desired code just press “Ok” to confirm the entry.
  4. Once the code is entered in your phone will bring up an entry field for you to input the pass code you just created.

After the code is entered your phone will connect to SYNC and you’ll have access to all the features you’d normally have.

MyFord Touch & SYNC w/ Navigation


MyFord Touch Escape pic    SYNC with Nav pic

  1. When the 6-digit pin shows up on your screen click the button that reads “Find Other”
  2. Select your device when it pops up on the screen.
  3. Create a pin with your voice or use the preset numbers to enter a pin. If you are using the preset buttons to create the pin press the “Ok” button to confirm the  entry.
  4. Once you confirm the desired pin your desired pin your phone will bring up an entry field for you to enter it in.

Once the code is entered your phone will now be connected to SYNC and you will have all of the features as you normally would.

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    am si eu problema cu masina mea….ford focus anul 2009 si nu pot sa conectez bluetooth la el,am butoanele verzi si rosii si microfon,dar nu gasesc optiunea unde pot sa-l conectez….

    • Alex Cryder

      What is your contact information so we can better assist you with your concern?

  • Alex Cryder

    ¿Cuál es su información de contacto para que puedan ayudar mejor a tu preocupación?

  • Truth-giver

    Bluetooth on Iphone4 won’t connect to SYNC? Power down the phone, then turn it back on. Should work then.

  • Rhoda Wright

    Thank goodness! I was about to blow a gasket! You got me hooked up! Thank you!

    • myTech Team

      I’m glad to hear that you were able to get everything connected. If you have any trouble in the future just let us know.

  • Deb

    What is the little black box attached to my windshield above the rear view mirror? On my 2012 ford focus se. It looks like it has a phone jack.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Deb,
      That is most likely your automatic windshield wiper sensor. That box is what senses rain when it hits the windshield and then proceeds to turn on the wipers.

  • tina

    My I phone 5 worked well and was always synced to my ford flex, however, everything works except for the music, the music will not syn.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Tina,
      Try a different USB cable and see if that changes anything. You can also try and connect to see if the music will play in an other Ford Flex or Ford vehicle. This will tell you whether or not the situation is your phone or your vehicle. Let me know how things progress.

      • Eli

        Same here..

        Does that mean you can’t sync the music through Bluetooth?

        • myTech Team

          In your car you can play music from your phone with either using a USB cable or through Bluetooth audio. To use Bluetooth audio first make sure your phone is connected with the car. Second press your speech button and say ” Bluetooth audio.” Make sure your iTunes, Pandora, I heart radio etc. is open on your phone and not paused. But this will drain your battery. So you can also use a USB. Which allows you to play music while it charges your phone as well.

  • Norman

    Hi, I have the 2013 ford escape titanium. My Bluetooth was working fine and then yesterday it just stopped pairing. When I hit pair with device the numbers pop up for 3 seconds then says “failed to pair” before I can even do anything. I’ve already toggled Bluetooth off and on with the car and phone.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Norman,
      I am going to have you do the same thing I had Diane do. Take the battery out of your phone or turn your phone off for five minutes. This will help reboot the Bluetooth signal in your phone. You should do this at least once a week. Then if this does not resolve your situation try deleting the phone from the car and the car from the phone and pairing your phone with the car starting fresh. Let me know how things progress.

    • Jeff T

      Hi Norman,
      My name is Jeff and I’m a recent owner of the 2012 explorer with the myford touch and sync. The tech that told you the problem is in your phone can’t be more further from the truth. I had the same exact problem and the only solution I found was resetting one of the battery leads which resets the computer among other things; which is really annoying. I really hope this is not things to come with this vehicle because I am really disappointed already not having this vehicle for a month yet. Good luck.

      • Wes

        Exact same thing happened today with my ’13 F150. Bluetooth has always worked, now it won’t and won’t even recognize my phone. The truck “searches” for about half a second, and then says “Failed to find a device.” The truck has 9,000 miles, and my phone is a few month old Galaxy S4. Really pisses me off when a sticker price 50k truck is doing this.

        • myTech Team

          Try turning your phone off for ATLEAST five mins and if capable taking the battery out, this will reboot the Bluetooth signal in your phone ( I suggest this doing this once a week). Turn it back on and see if it will pair. If not let me know. If there are any other phones paired to the truck and are working fine, this tells us its your phone not the truck. But if other phones are not able to be connected then it is the truck and we can do a master reset. So just let me know how things progress and I can break down how to do a master reset in your truck for you if needed.

          Thank you,
          Lebanon Ford

  • diane

    I also have a 2013 ford escape my phone was also working fine and now it will not sync

    • myTech Team

      Hi Diane,
      First thing I am going to have you do is turn off your cell phone and if it has the capability, take your battery out. Then wait five minutes before turning back on. This will reboot the Bluetooth signal in your phone. If this does not work try deleting it out of the car and the car out of your phone. Then pair your phone to your escape, starting from the beginning. Let me know if your issue is resolved by these steps. If not let me know and I will walk you through a reboot of the car.

      • skertz

        Have removed the battery for ten minutes and tried again but sync cannot find my phone…nor can my phone find sync.

        • Lebanon Ford Concierge

          You might need to try another device just to narrow down if the vehicle or the phone is causing the problems.

  • chris

    I have a 2010 ford taurus SEL. I press the phone button and it says NO PHONE. After that it gives me no option to go any farther. I am trying to sync my S4.

    • myTech Team

      Chris, Look for the SYNC emblem in front of the armrest or the voice command button on your steering wheel. This will tell you if your Taurus has SYNC. Let me know if you locate either of these. Then ill assist you in pairing your phone to the system.

  • Help

    My 2012 fusion says “no phone” even though my phone has Bluetooth turned on and is in discovery mode.

    • myTech Team

      Did this issue just start recently? Have you had your phone paired previously? Knowing a little more details I will be able to help you further. Thank you

      • ABD

        I have the same problem… I never had my IPhone paired before. I cant even access the phone menu because when i click on phone it just shows me “no phone”. If you can help me in anyway that will be great. Thanks.

  • ashley

    I have a 2010 ford fusion I just got it yesterday an I’m wanting to sync my galaxy s3 to my car iv googled how to do it but iv ran into a problem my menu doesn’t list a system settings option what do I do or what am I doing wrongashley

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Ashley, the system settings should be in the phone menu. Press the phone button on your radio then scroll through until you see system settings. Then begin the pairing process. Let me know if this helps.

      • Joel

        When will you have an answer to this?

  • T. Wise

    My iPhone 4s used to work with my 2011 Taurus. It still connects via bluetooth, but none of the voice commands work. I say “Bluetooth Audio”, “Phone”, “Help”, etc. and it does not recognize it. Any help is appreciated.

  • Kelly

    I have a 2014 Ford Fusion. I am unable to upload my phonebook to Sync. Each time I attempt it there is an error and no phonebook has been added. Are there certain phones that will not sync with Ford? My phone is an older Samsung Flight.

  • dawn

    I am trying to sinc my phone to my 2010 ford escape xlt but it keeps saying no phone and my Bluetooth is on

    • dawn

      plus in my vehicle I don’t have the phone icon on my steering wheel only by the stereo

      • Lebanon Ford Concierge

        Dawn, unfortunately it sounds like your Escape is not equipped with Sync. Look for the icon below on your steering wheel. The badge on the right will also tell you if the vehicle has the system.

  • Karen

    I have an older model phone – Samsung T349 that does not stay connected to Sync. It will only connect for a few seconds, however after that Sync can dial a number for me but will I have to continue the call with the phone. I’ve called the tech team twice and reset the phone several times on my own. It there any hope for me to get Sync to work as designed?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Karen, I would try another device with your sync system. This will help you narrow down if the phone is causing the issues.

  • Kelsey

    I have had my phone sync’d with my 09 ford escape since having the car and now randomly it’s not working. Nothing is syncing. Pressing AUX says “No Aux” and pressing the phone button says “No Phone”
    Any help?

  • Jen

    Every time I hit the phone button on My 2009 escape all it says is no phone and won’t let me go any further.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge


      Have you had your phone paired to the system before? Look for the sync badge near your radio in your Escape. This will tell you if your vehicle is equipped with sync.

  • J Bradley

    My iPhone was working fine in my 2014 Taurus. And then it just stopped one day. I called and the lady helped me get the phone in sync with the car. The only problem is I lost all my contacts and phone numbers. Thanks

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You should be able to re download the contacts using your phone menu. If you have the touch screen the settings will be in the phone tab on the bottom left of the screen. If you have sync with myford scroll through until you see “modify phone book” in the phone settings.

  • JLH

    My phone will not sync. I keep trying and the prompt keeps saying ‘bluetooth off’ and than prompts to ‘turn bluetooth off/on’ I select ON’ and nothing happens and it just prompts back to saying ‘bluetooth off’. My phone’s bluetooth is on and I changed no settings. I have turned phone off, I have reset battery and still nothing…HELP!!!

    • Spen

      Currently having this issue with my 2011 Ford Escape. Did you ever find a solution?

      Thanks in advance

      • CBW

        Spen, Take the battery cable off the car for a few minutes, worked for me.

    • CBW

      I too have the exact issue. Is there a resolution?

  • Sue

    I paired my phone with my 2013 Ford Escape as per all the instructions. It says it was successful. We can call out from the car, but when a call is received, it will accept the call and then disconnect after a few seconds. The callers cell phone will not say call lost or disconnected for quite a while afterwards. How can I fix this?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      I would shut the phone off for 5-10 minutes. Let the phone connect to the car then try again. Make sure your issue isn’t only caused by one certain caller.

  • dj

    hi i have a 2010 ford focus 1.6 titanium with the answer and end buttons on my sony dab cd/radio how would i connect a bt device??

  • Bells24

    My phone button nor my voice button will work in my 2011 Ford Taurus. I’ve tried several times to connect even through media and auxiliary but line in nor sync will show. It was working fine 2 days ago.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You can try a hard reset, I recommend having a Ford technician remove your battery cable for 15-20 minutes. You can do this at home, but you may erase any stored codes in the system that would help a technician diagnose any issues with your vehicle.

  • BP

    I have a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid…it appears as if the Sync System has disappeared from my radio interface. When I press the phone button it says “NO PHONE” for a couple seconds, then back to radio/CD/satellite. I get a “NO AUX” message briefly when I press the AUX button. I can’t access the bluetooth menu via the menu button because I can’t seem to make the AUX or PHONE menu stay on the screen before it reverts to radio/CD/satellite. Am I really going to have to take my car in for this to be fixed, or is there something I can do? Help

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You need to complete a hard reset. If you disconnect the battery cable for 15-20 minutes, this might help reset the system.

  • tera

    Hello, I have the 2011 Ford Fusion and I’m trying to connect my Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth but when I press the “Phone” button in my car it just says “No Phone” (all the directions says it should allow me to navigate through the menu with the seek button to SYNC it) but all it literally says every time I press the button is “No phone” Does anyone know what the issue could be?? && How to fix it? Thanks

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Have you had a phone paired to the vehicle before?

      • MCPEI

        Nope, just got mine and have same problem.

        • Nate Carson

          Same issue……Just got my 2014 Taurus….first day mine and my wife’s phone (both samsung s4s) synced with the car, next next day nothing…..

    • luis

      I have the same problem :(

  • Fernando

    I have a Ford Fusion 2012 and my Sync connects and says blue tooth connected but I don’t hear anything. After a few seconds it disconnects automatically. I’ve rebooted the Bluetooth and the phone but it’s not working.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Have you deleted the phone from the car and re-paired it?

  • Fernando

    I have a 2012 Ford Fusion. Have a Galaxy S5 and I connect to Bluetooth but I can’t hear any music but it shows its playing. After a few seconds it says disconnected and won’t sync. I’ve rebooted the system and my phone but it doesn’t stay connected. I’ve deleted the Bluetooth and restarted from scratch but nothings working. It’s been like this for over a week.

  • jay67

    Ford Sync was invented by masochists at MSFT who delight in torturing consumers and purchased by Ford since they take the same delights.

  • Lysa Lyman

    I’ve bluetoothed my phone but it won’t bluetooth my music it will once but after I shut off the car it won’t work again I have a 2011 ford fusion and a Samsung Galaxy S4

    • Kym F.

      I have the exact same problem.All of my other cars reconnect with blue tooth audio fine with my Galaxy Note 2 and S3. My 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid with Microsoft Sync does not. Every 9 out of 10 times that I turn off the car I am forced to re select my phone as the blue tooth audio device. This is extremely annoying. Let me know it there is a fix. All of my devices have the latest firmware and updates. Thanks.

      • Kym F.

        I have tried deleting my paired phones and repairing them. I have also tried several other Samsung and EVO phones. The same results which has been a problem ever since I purchased the car brand new.

  • Terry

    When is Ford going to fix SYNC so that it is possible to pair a phone? I currently have 2014 Mustang. It doesn’t work. I have had 3 and not one has been able to find a phone. Nothing works. Ford needs to develop some electronics that actually work.

  • Cathy

    Hi, 2012 Ford Fusion, pairs with iPhone but won’t recognize contacts via voice. Voice option works on other features, but when I say “call” and then a name in my contacts, it either says “no other number” , or “call dat?” It functions when I tell it digits to dial, just doesn’t recognize any of my contact names via voice. I have deleted and re-paired, master reset, etc. Ideas?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      The only thing that I can think of when you mentioned it saying “call dat” is that when you have emojis or emoticons in your contact names, the sync system can’t recognize the name anymore and has trouble making the call. I would check and see if the format of your contacts are off (i.e. they have a period in front of them or if there is an emoji) and see if your voice commands work from there.

  • Paige Turner

    My sync bluetooth was acting odd for a few days: dropping calls, not automatically connecting to my iPhone 4, couldn’t pair my iPhone 4S. Last night, it couldn’t find my phone at all. I deleted Sync from my phone and deleted my phone from sync. I tried to pair them again, but kept getting a message that the phone was disconnected. The odd thing is i could play bluetooth audio through my iphone. I even had a hard time scrolling through the phone menu, it would kick me out. At one point I was able to do a Master reset but it didn’t help. I finally disconnected my battery for about a half an hour (hard reset) and now my Sync is working properly. Thanks to your suggestions I was able to troubleshoot and resolve my issue without a trip to the dealer.

  • dl

    I have a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium…I got my phone and other phones to sync up but am unable to find a way to change the name of the phones…do you realize how many iphones there are and it doesn’t allow for which is which? How can I change the name of the phones I synced up?

  • Jerry S

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge and Sync has been working fine until recently when the module went out. Wickstrom Ford in Barrington, IL replaced the module and now my phonebook only does a partial download. Out of the 30 contacts in my phonebook, only 10 download to the Sync system.

  • joiful09

    I have a 2011 ford focus and I push the phone or the menu nothing happens with sync and if I push aux it keeps goino to radio. It does the same if I use the wheel btutors. What is going on???