So Your Phone Won’t Connect to Ford SYNC. Here’s Your Solution.

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If you’re trying to connect your phone to Microsoft SYNC using the traditional method but are encountering the scenarios below, have no fear. If you aren’t experiencing the scenarios, but still need help in connecting your phone than try our SYNC pairing articles for Android, iPhone and Blackberry to view our easy step by step instructions.

Scenarios You Might Be Encountering

  1. You’ve brought up the six digit pin on your vehicles screen. When you’re trying to pair your phone to SYNC it wont display the entry field required to enter the six digit pin.
  2. Your phone pairs great, for a couple seconds, then disconnects. Your phone might even reboot itself soon after it connects to SYNC.
  3. If you have a older version of Android you’ll require a 4 digit special pin. While we have an article on how to display a special pin, you can also perform the reverse pairing process we’re going to walk through here as an alternative.

The Solution

Ok, so we’ve established that you’re having trouble connecting your phone to Ford’s Microsoft SYNC, whether it’s through one of the examples above or not. So lets now walk through how you to fix this little issue that is driving you to the edges of insanity. No matter what infotainment system you have, when your completing the steps you must have “Discovery Mode” on your phone turned “ON”.  It is usually found under options in your bluetooth menu. If you have an iPhone it will put itself in discovery mode automatically when your in your Bluetooth Menu.

SYNC & MyFord


Ford SYNC pic    Focus MyFord pic

  1. When you come across the text “Find SYNC” while trying to pair your phone use the Tune knob to find and select “Find Bluetooth Devices”.
  2. When your vehicle finds and displays your phone go ahead and select it by pressing “Ok”.
  3. It will then have you create a pin number to enter in your phone. You can create this with your voice or you can just type it in with the numbers you use for your presets. If you use the numbers, after you type in your desired code just press “Ok” to confirm the entry.
  4. Once the code is entered in your phone will bring up an entry field for you to input the pass code you just created.

After the code is entered your phone will connect to SYNC and you’ll have access to all the features you’d normally have.

MyFord Touch & SYNC w/ Navigation


MyFord Touch Escape pic    SYNC with Nav pic

  1. When the 6-digit pin shows up on your screen click the button that reads “Find Other”
  2. Select your device when it pops up on the screen.
  3. Create a pin with your voice or use the preset numbers to enter a pin. If you are using the preset buttons to create the pin press the “Ok” button to confirm the  entry.
  4. Once you confirm the desired pin your desired pin your phone will bring up an entry field for you to enter it in.

Once the code is entered your phone will now be connected to SYNC and you will have all of the features as you normally would.

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  • Eddie

    Hi, I have always had my iphone connected via SYNC for making and receiving calls, in my ford transit custom. Yesterday I managed to connect my iPhone to the audio system via Bluetooth, I had always used a usb lead before. In doing this my iPhone now automatically connects to the bluetooth audio but not SYNC phone. I manage to reconnect to SYNC phone but it disconnects within seconds. I have looked on the troubleshooting pages, where it tells you to delete the phone or do a master reset. The system will not let me delete my phone and even after the reset it still holds all information. thanks

  • Doreenr

    I have a ford escape 2013 and an iphone4s. The phone pairs and shows up on home screen. Says it connecting but never does and then says my phone isn’t available. Any help appreciated

  • amie

    We are experiencing this very same problem. no phones will connect to it or even see the bluetooth signal when you do a scan. We have done the reset to factory Settings & still can not connect. Any suggestions?

  • Sambo

    go into bluetooth on your iphone…click “forget this device”….then when you try to find device “sync” will pop up on your phone…click it and phone should pair

  • Todd

    I have a 2011 Taurus. It has paired fine since I bought it. Up until last week. I finally became desperate and hit the reset on the menu. Now the menu button does nothing and I’m in worse shape than before. I. Need. Help.

  • ExJAG

    This is a solution? I’m sure your intentions were good, but your fix reads like parody written by a Ford-hater.

  • ExJAG


  • Michelle

    I just purchased a 2009 Edge. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not on the list of compatible phones. HELP<<< wont sync. Is there anything I can do?????

  • Dave

    No 6 digit pin appears on my dash and my phone doesn’t sync with my 2010 Ford Edge.

  • Toni

    This is genius! Worked for me. And I didn’t even know there was a “Find Phone” option on the “Add Bluetooth” screen! Thank you for this!

  • Cj hidalgo

    I have a 2010 ford fusion SE. When I press the phone button it says no phone. When I press the AUX button it says no AUX. Can someone please help me. I’m freaking out here. Thanks

  • GeoPhilly

    I have an older simple basic Samsung flip phone. My Ford Sync touch(2013 Escape SEL) has always paired with this phone very well for 3 years,,,, no issues until recent Sync software upgrade(3.8 version). Now phone won’t stay paired, and Sync server can’t send back directions,,, all I get is a strange busy signal !?! Also 90 % of the time When I hit the voice button on steering wheel, and say “SERVICES” ,,, for some reason it defaults to “PRIVACY” mode and says “CAN NOT CONNECT CALL”. Ford Sync help desk refuses to believe it has anything to do with the upgrade. They blame my phone(my wife’s phone does the same thing) !! Help !

  • Lianne Austen

    Hi I have an LG G3 that will phone sync to my 2011 Flex …. however the other day the audio started to act weird. If I moved the phone the music would shuffle… then the seek buttons on the steering wheel stopped controlling the media player for the Phone as well (defeats the hands off your phone option) and now it just will not sync the media portion of the phone. The message given is Bluetooth device disconnected. LOL yet the phone is still connected. HELP!!!!!! I am going crazy truing to figure this out!

  • Elliot

    Hello I have my new 2015 ford fiesta st my Samsung note won’t play music through car even though it’s connected. Once I connect my phone it automatically disconnects, but on my phone it says it connects to sync. Any ideas?

  • JK

    Here is the issue imo. The sync car has some tech in it, but is missing something for hands free calling. It must not have Bluetooth because it gives no options beyond “no phone”.
    Idk if it has a microphone, may take out the radio to see.
    So is there a fix for adding Bluetooth beyond a new radio? Is there a fix to add steering wheel Bluetooth buttons?

    • michael

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and a 2013 Ford Fusion, and all of the sudden my sync stopped working. I tried repairing, a system reset, tried apps from google playstore all to no avail.

      Then I disconnected the battery…

      Now EVERYTHING WORKS! Total fix, but I had to reset my am/fm radio presets because they got erased, minor hassle compared with a complete solution to a very frustrating problem.

      Hope this helps…

      • RightThinker50

        Finally a viable (possible) solution that is not insulting to ones intelligence.

        • michael

          This frustrated me for months. I would go to the dealership and explain my problem, and they would say we couldn’t find any problem, and the sync would work after that. Then I found out that if you pull the battery cable for 5 sec’s it resets. Pull it for a minute and you lose your radio presets. I hope this helps, and for me, I have to pull the battery cable off of my Fusion every 3-4months.

          • RightThinker50

            I have a new problem now. I have a Nexus 6P and while my phone connects fine to bluetooth, but when I either try to place a call or receive a call the SYNC goes into Privacy mode…seemingly by itself and I have to switch the BT off on my phone, then switch the phone to speaker, then the connection opens on the SYNC but the Privacy light comes on and I am able to disengage that and then I can talk over the speaker in the truck. It’s the goofiest thing I have seen yet. This just started about a week and half ago. Right around that time I had my MOTO360 watch on at the same time I was in my truck and it dropped the phone. But since then I have done a master reset 3 times and bluetooth reset 3 times…all to no avail. What I have not done is disconnect the battery. I took it to the dealership today and it worked fine with the techs phone. They of course blamed it on my phone needing an update. It has been beyond the update for 6 months…this problem started a little over a week ago. Any suggestions?

  • Roberto

    When i push the phone buttom it just dont do nothing¡ and if i push the media buttom it goes back to the radio

  • kc

    I have a 2010 does escape and everytime I got to sync it “no phone” pops up.. If anyone could help me that would be awesome

    • kc

      2010 Ford escape

  • Ryan Patrick

    2012 Ford Fusion….Phone: LG G4….The other day Bluetooth just stopped working after 3+ years with no problem, I just recently downloaded the Sync update. Right after Sync says “press Ok to begin pairing phone” and I press Ok it immediately says “Pairing Failed”. I have tried removing my battery for 5 minutes… deleting Sync from phone and phone from Sync…tried to connect 2 other phones….. reset Sync back to factory defaults AND then a Master Reset…NO JOY! Called Sync support and they advised me I needed to take it to a dealer for a Hard Reset….what a PITA! Anyone anywhere have a REAL fix for this issue yet?

  • StarKisha Cole

    OK so I have a 2009 Ford Focus and when trying to connect,i press the phone button. It just says no phone. I’d don’t give any other options. Just says NO PHONE. what should I do?

  • stephen

    I have recently bought a 2008 mondeo, (57plate). But trying to connect to ford audio is near impossible, tried turning my bluetooth off on my phone but still no connection. Any ideas

  • Louise Delogu

    I have a 2013 Ford Fusion that has mytouch, and a Samsung Galaxy S4. Everything was working great with the phone until one day it started screwing up. I use to be able to push my talk button on my steering wheel and tell it to call someone, and it did. Then one day it didn’t. I would tell it to call someone, it would start the process, and then just simply end the call. I tried doing this with the car parked. Sometimes this worked, and sometimes not. I can however, dial the number on my phone and it will connect, and the car takes over the call. I took it in to Ed Learn Ford, and they said it needed an update, and then they did one. It didn’t work, and neither did the next 3 times I brought it in for the same thing. We tried connecting my husband’s old LG to see if it would do the same thing, and his worked just fine. Does anyone know why it’s doing this? Please help!?

    • Louise Delogu

      I still have not received any kind of help with this problem. I guess no one knows why it does this, or what to do about it? I just recently bought a brand new Fusion. I am having the exact same problem.

  • Mulder42

    Since I found this thread when looking online for Ford Sync problems, here is my issue:

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus which I bought two months ago. Bluetooth was working fine until yesterday, and now it will no longer connect. I try to go into the Phone menu and it REFUSES to – I end up with AM/FM radio instead of phone. The one time I did get it to connect to the Phone menu on they Sync system, I restarted my phone, deleted all phone history for Bluetooth pairing from the Sync system, turned off the car, turned it all back on and repaired my phone. It worked . . . Until the next morning. I tried to connect this morning and the phone finds the Sync system great, but the system refuses to connect or will only connect for a couple seconds before disconnecting again – it’s like the car refuses to complete the Bluetooth “handshake”. I tried to go in and delete my phone, but the Phone button on the stereo itself will only take me to AM/FM radio – THERE IS NO OPTION FOR PHONE AND AS A RESULT, NO OPTION TO CONNECT BLUETOOTH.

    So, I have:
    • Deleted phone history from the Sync system
    • Deleted Bluetooth history from the phone
    • Removed Battery from the phone and restarted said phone
    • “Reset” the Sync system by turning it off, turning the car off, and turning them both back on.


  • Kelsey

    I’m trying to turn my Bluetooth on in my 2016 Ford Escape and all its saying is “initializing BT please try again.” I tried disconnecting my iPad’s Bluetooth, deleting the SYNC option, did a master restart of my SYNC, but still nothing. It’s been like this for the entire day so far.

    • Daisychani

      Kelsey. Did you manage to get yours fixed? cos I get exactly the same message in my fiesta. We’ve tried it with several of our phones. It seems to be a fault in the ford Bluetooth initialisation system itself, irrespective of any phones

  • Tanya

    Hello I have a 2014 fiesta. My phone will go through everything but doesn’t pair. It says it does but it doesn’t. My daughter’s phone will connect. I have a newer phone then hers and mine won’t.

  • Leslie R. Chavera

    I have a 2008 Ford Fusion I do not have Microsoft sync how do I connect it just keeps saying no phone

    • brittany hemingway

      How you get it to work

  • Lynn

    My iPhone will pair with ’14 Escape. Will not send out calls. Will take incoming. Can manually dial numbers or send right from phone but will not complete “call/dial ” voice demands. Just started recently (no other problems for last 2yrs). May ’16 thank you

  • kerri

    I have a 2016 escape and a galaxy s6 and my phone was paired to the car then all of a sudden it won’t sync anymore. The phone is still syncing to my galaxy 2s gear and my RCA portable speaker. Any help?????

  • Micki Salters

    I have a 2010 Fusion Hybrid. The battery went dead and now I have no options for pairing my phone or using voice commands. When I push the phone button all it says is no phone and if I press the menu button I get the menu for the satellite or the radio whichever one I happens to be on.

    • Tom Shull

      how did you end up fixing it? Mine did the same thing the other night..

  • Sarah schroeder

    Ford Focus- blue tooth stopped working – 2015 car- Ok read everything ON SITE- I have done everything- Apple 6 – no battery to take out- my blue tooth 100% works in husbands car. Turned off for more than 5 minutes , deleted , reset, all it flashes up is “initializing BT please try again”. pops up immediately – HELP- this stinks

    • Gelvin

      Do a hard re-boot on your iPhone. Hold down the power button and the home button at the same time to turn off your phone.

  • Christian Bloodgood

    For whatever reason my sink just stopped working it won’t recognize the phone it won’t recognize a USB port or the Exhilarate cable and when I hit the sync auxiliary says no auxiliary how do I fix it

  • Dave

    We have a new 2016 F-150 P/U with the new Sync 3 technology. My wife and I each have a ZTE Z665C phone. (Not the latest technology but both sync without issues to my 2012 Fusion Hybrid). Both phones will pair with the new Sync 3 system in the truck but neither will automatically connect when you enter the truck and start the engine. In order to complete the connection you have to turn Bluetooth “Off” and then back “On” again on the phone. It then connects. Any ideas?

  • Fay Jenkins Pollard

    I just bought a 2012 Ford edge. When I tried to sync my i iPhone my Bluetooth cannot find the vehicle’s Bluetooth and the screen on the vehicle just says AUDIO MUTE.

  • Marc Stewart

    I have just purchased a 2013 Focus a few days ago. I noticed Saturday when I push the “Phone” button nothing happens & when I push the “aux” button the screen will change for 1-2 seconds & then go back to the radio screen. any ideas?

  • tokanoire

    Pulled the sync fuse and it worked fine. If you are don’t know where the Sync fuse is. I have a 2016 ford focus. Mine is located under the glove compartment. Easy to access actually. Also, look at your owner’s manual (which you can download online) and find out which fuse is the sync fuse. I unplugged it for five minutes. Plugged it back in. Reinstalled everything and it worked fine.

  • I have a 2014 Focus and the odd thing is, my Blackberry Z10 works perfectly with it…but my kids Samsung Galaxies (one an S3 III the other an S6 Edge) won’t connect. Sync doesn’t recognize them. Any chance of fixing that?

  • Baskar

    Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy Grand Max mobile.The mobile is paired to my Ecosport titanium car.whenever I get a call or make the call, I can hear the audio only through my phone.Car audio displays the call information but no audio output.The issue was reported during service but I have issue only with my phone.working well for other phone’s. .is there any solution..

  • RightThinker50

    I have done ALL of these things several times including master reset twice. It is NOT the phone. The phone connects just fine to all of my other devices and I have never had to power cycle the phone for any other devices. This is a MICROSOFT problem. Microsoft is garbage. Please come up with a viable solution that is not insulting to ones intelligence.

    • RightThinker50

      I have tried this with Google Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy S7. So what you are trying to tell me is that ALL phones are the culprit…..I don’t think so.

  • RightThinker50

    He’ll never have an answer. The problem is that MICROSOFT is junk.

  • RightThinker50

    It is MICROSOFT SYNC Lebanon

  • RightThinker50

    Hard reset DOES NOT WORK Lebanon!!

  • Sarah h

    I have a ford fiesta and my phone is a galaxy s6 I’ve connected the phone to the car but now it won’t play my music through but I can take calls though the car can anyone help me with my problem please

  • Kyle

    I have a 2010 fusion, and when I hit the button on the steering wheel it no longer works, it makes this high pitches buzzing noise that’s really annoying, and not even my auxiliary port will work. Anyone know what might be the problem?

  • Ross

    Anyone with Ford sync problems locate Ford sync fuse location take it out for 10 seconds put a Problem solved PS fuse box is behind the glove box

    • CZGuy99

      Thanks … .worked like a charm

    • Wim J

      Got my brand new Ford Focus yesterday, Could’nt connect my Iphone SE to the system of the car. After retraction and replacement of fuse 67 everything was fixed in 5 minutes. Thanks Ross !

  • CZGuy99

    I have a 2011 F150 and my phone has paired just fine in the past but it won’t now. When I scroll through it won’t even stop at the AUX position – it jumps from the last SAT choice directly to the 2nd FM option, bypassing AUX, AM and FM1. When I press the AUX button, it jumps to FM2 so I can’t even do a master reset. It has happened a couple of times in the past, but after shutting off the car, it was fine after restarting, but not now.

  • شکار علي

    I have this problem

    • Dolph Ramey

      Get a real name Sand monkey


    Get used to it :(
    I’ve even had my whole computer screen replaced. I have a 2013 Edge.

  • macnak

    I have the same problem., Galaxy Samsung S7 WAS paired but I shut it off to save my battery while I was out of town. And it will not sync up again. Each time BOTH the phone and SYNC say no devices found. I can put them in connect or search mode , but they do not find each other.

    • macnak

      my local dealer’s solution is to bring it in to update your sync ( its a 2008 ford foucs) for about $129.00 . He said going to the sync website and trying to do it yourself will take about 3 hours and is very confusing. BUT it was synced up before. I’ll try the battery removal next.

  • oholland

    I have a 2012 Ford Fusion that the Sync stopped working. After doing research and they all failed, I disconnected the battery, re-connect and it’s now working again.

  • DTSUN73

    OK!!! – I’ve been googling for a couple of days now. I’ve seen a lot of “Fuse restarting” solutions, which I’m thinking there has to be a better way of doing this…

    I do work with software daily, so I wanted to go through the whole system selection to see if there were any options I missed… THERE WAS. I am not saying this SYNC menu selection is fool proof, it’s a hassle to go through and hopefully it sticks once selected.

    ****Make sure to set up your Bluetooth before this. I assume you already did just like me and the SYNC was not playing music through the system.

    Push the MENU button
    Use the arrow down or up to SELECT SOURCE
    Push the OK button
    Use the arrow down or up to BLUETOOTH AUDIO

    and YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was starting to get buyer’s remorse after a week of buying a “newer” vehicle hoping to play music off my phone. I hope you now enjoy your vehicle HANDS FREE. (wireless)

  • Barbara

    I just bought a2010 Ford Focus and I can’t sync my Android phone.I’ve tried everything. My car keep saying no phone

  • Nancy

    Samsung s6 active and ford 2011 escape I get as far as the PIN number but nothing ever shows up on my phone.

  • Hate my new van

    Ford support is “terrible” to use a word that might not be censored. I have sync and keeps dropping calls. This happens while I am driving or parked some place. Keep getting the run around and wasting alot of my time. by the way my van is less then 2 weeks old.

  • Dolph Ramey