Summer Road Trip? Re-booked

The gas price predictors are being like the weathermen…doing their best, but blatantly wrong about 90 percent of the time. Just a month or so ago, we were all preparing for the worst—gas prices soaring over $4 per gallon, closer to $5 in some regions. Then, what happens? Nothing. Surprise, surprise.

Huffington Post has declared a consecutive five-week gas price drop, and multiple news sources are reneging on their anticipated record-breaking summer gas prices. More money for sunscreen, less money for gas. Fine with me. But, we consumers wonder, why they feel the need to get everyone concerned about their summer finances in a market that is so unstable and quickly changing? Some people have gone so far as to cancel summer trips based on the gas projections. Mom was right—if you don’t have anything nice to say (or you don’t know what you’re talking about) don’t say anything at all. See ya on the beach.