How To Program HomeLink and Car2U Garage Door Openers Pt. 2 (Fixed Code and Gates)

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If you’re joining us from our previous post on how to program HomeLink and Car2U to a rolling code garage unit we welcome you. If not then let me explain what we have here. We wrote an article (above) on how to program your HomeLink and Car2U units to a garage door with a rolling code. Here we will be explaining how to program those same HomeLink and Car2U units if your garage door has a Fixed Code. If you have a gate entrance we’ll be covering how to program that as well.

Car2U Fixed Code Programming

First off you will need to open up your garage door hand-held transmitter and view the DIP switches. You will have to enter in the code you see from the 8 to 12 switches into your Car2U unit using the three buttons. Follow the key below when entering in your fixed code to Car2U.

(Transmitter) Up, on or + (Car2U) Left Button

(Transmitter) Middle, Neutral or 0 (Car2U) Middle Button

(Transmitter) Down, off or – (Car2U) Right Button

  1. Press and hold all three buttons on Car2U for 3 seconds then release. The light will blink slowly letting you know it’s ready to begin entering in your fixed code. You will have two and a half minutes to enter in the code. (Follow the key above when program your fixed code into your Car2U system)
  2. Once the code is programmed go ahead and press and release all three buttons simultaneously.
  3. Lastly press and hold the button you wish to assign your garage door too. Make sure once you see your garage door move to release the button immediately and wait for the programming to fully complete.

Car2U Gate Programming

Car2U has a unique set of instructions for the different gate models out there. They ask if you’re wish to program your gate to their system to call 1-866-572-2728 and they’ll guide you through their specific instructions for setting up your gate.

HomeLink Fixed Code Programming

The HomeLink Fixed Code programming is similar to the rolling code just without steps 4-5

  1. Hold your garage remote 1-3 inches away from the HomeLink buttons on your visor.
  2. At the same time press and hold both the garage remote and the HomeLink button you wish to program. When the HomeLink light begins to flash rapidly release both buttons
  3. Press and hold the same HomeLink button for five seconds then release. Repeat this twice to program the garage door. If the door doesn’t move, press and hold the programmed button and observe the light. If the light stays constant then the programming is complete.

If the light doesn’t stay constant call their hot line to get further instructions at 1-800-355-3515.

HomeLink Gate Programming

Programming your gate using HomeLink is similar to programming your garage door.

  1. Hold your transmitter 3 inches away from the desired HomeLink button and press and hold both buttons at the same time till light begins blinking rapidly.
  2. Begin pressing and releasing the HomeLink button every two seconds till the light turns from slow to a rapid flashing.
  3. Now press the HomeLink button for 5 seconds and repeat until the gate begins to move.
  4. Wait for it to fully close for the programming to be complete

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