New Jersey Walking and Texting Law Exaggerated

Last week reports came out that in New Jersey you were no longer allowed to text and walk. Yes, walk, not drive. If you chose to do so, you would be less $85. Thanks to the Internet’s lovely ability to spread rumors wildly, it turns out this was a major exaggeration. MSNBC cleared things up with the police chief at the Fort Lee Police Department (the town implementing the law), explaining that the story was exaggerated. The chief, after receiving calls from around the world at the absurdity of the new law, cleared things up, saying that the tickets were for jaywalking while texting, not walking and texting. So, stay on the sidewalk, and you’re fine.

The mistaken law brought up issues of basic citizen freedoms, and where the line is between safety and limiting one’s rights. However, the chief explained that three fatalities and numerous accidents had been caused by jaywalking-texters in town. The moral of the story? Don’t text and do anything else that requires concentration. Period.