What’s Better than Four Wheels?

Apparently two wheels. Happy National Ride your Bike to Work Day! According to a Today Show report, 730,000 people ride their bike to work every day, not just today when the rest of the posers dust off their two wheels. Women, pencil skirts and all, make up one-fourth of those 730,000. What are the pros and cons of riding two, not four, wheels to work?

Obviously, the main point is the environment. Other conveniences include eliminating the stopped highways rush hour situation entirely. Bikers combine their workout with their commute, adding an extra thirty minutes or so to their life (multitasking, anyone?)

However, not all commutes allow for safe commuting on a bike. Obviously bike paths do not line most roadsides in the area. Not to be high maintenance, but I would also worry about showing up looking like I just, well, worked out. Because, after all, that’s what I just did. Then there’s the safety issue—it’s beyond proven we should all be wearing bike helmets. So why did I just fix my hair? This presents a dilemma.

Finally, how many people live close enough to work to commute? I drive 35 minutes. Which translates into, what, four hours of biking? Shows how in shape I am.

While I honor and admire the daily bikers, I believe I will continue my commute on four wheels. Want to learn more about commuting on a bike, or commuting in a suit? Visit this site.

Have you ever commuted to work on your bike?