Where The Future of Ford Technology is Headed

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When it comes to vehicle technology, Ford is seen as a leader in innovation and implementation.At this years CES, CNET’s Brian Cooley sat down with Ford CTO Paul Mascarenas to talk about Ford technology. During the discussion, we hear about the importance of a distracted free driving experience, touching on the NHTSA’s push for a distraction free driving experience. We even get to see what Mascarenas thinks of the increase in autonomous vehicle testing and how far he thinks we are from a company announcing an autonomous vehicle in their line up.

A large part of their conversation revolves around where Mascarenas see’s the future of Ford technology. He envisions vehicles staying connected to one another through Wi-Fi. This will allow other vehicles to send out information on traffic or accidents up ahead, thus reducing traffic and cutting emissions. Ford is also working to use Cloud based software to allow a seamless transition from your everyday life to your driving experience. This is best demonstrated through Ford’s Evo’s concept car.

Check out the video below to see the full interview.


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