How Well Does Your Car Fit Your Personality?

Are you a little girl who loves pink tutus? There’s a cute little Mustang for you. How about a sleek businessman in a three-piece suit? Let’s add some fog lamps and technological features inside. How about a lucky teenage twenty-something who received a Mustang for graduation? There’s a spoiler for that.

The recent Mustang commercials have a point—your car should be a reflection of your personality. There should be no need unmet, no feature unexplored if it could possible reveal to others your true self. What a fun idea. However, what happened to the days where a car was built for function, and to literally get place to place? Each of these features adds infinite amounts of money that end up hiking your total price beyond most people’s personality’s comfort zone. There’s the irony in that.

My advice is to pick one feature that truly does suit your lifestyle that you can’t live without. For example, my non-negotiable as a claustrophobic is a sunroof. Maybe yours is a plug in system for your laptop. Decide what your car has to have, and stick to investing in that one feature. You will feel like you have saved and splurged at the same time.

Henry Ford would be appalled. Or amazed. What happened to his all black, one style Model T? Click here to see the Mustang commercial.