Driving Around In A Lay-Z-Boy?

Lay Z Boy Chair Car

I have quite a few different hobbies. I love listening to music and discovering obscure bands. I enjoy fine dining. I like to bake. I have a fond appreciation for the outdoors, and — sometimes — I will occasionally read a book or two. My main hobby, though, seems to be watching funny yet random videos on the Internet, as this is how I occupy the majority of my spare time. I didn’t really choose this hobby for myself. It just kind of happened.

When I’m working at my computer for hours on end, which is how I spend most of my days, I need to take a break. During this time, I should probably step away from my MacBook to refocus and look at something other than the screen of my laptop, but I usually don’t. Instead, I will venture over to YouTube to watch a funny video or go to QuickMeme to laugh at a silly picture. Or two. Or 10. I visit these websites with the intention of taking my mind off whatever it is I’m working on, but I typically get wrapped up and forget what I was doing because I’m too busy reading Willy Wonka memes or gawking over clips of people doing really awkward and embarrassing things.

The other day, when I felt that I needed to take a break from an article I was finishing for work, I decided to go to another one of my favorite websites, BuzzFeed. If you’re not familiar with BuzzFeed, it’s a website that archives thousands of viral videos and really cute pictures of puppies with the intention that visitors will share page content with friends on social media platforms like Facebook  and Twitter.

So anyway, as I was perusing BuzzFeed and looking at 10 Accessories You Should Never Put On Your Car and Every Picture Of Ryan Gosling And His Dog On The Internet, I happened to find this Internet gem.

Spoiler Alert 

In the 30-second clip posted above, you see a man.. riding down the street.. in a Lay-Z-Boy. WHAT THE?! HILARIOUS. At least to me.

After watching the video, two different things immediately went through my head.

The first: AWESOME!


How cool would it be if you had a motorized reclining chair instead of an actual vehicle? I mean, it’s basically like a small, fuel-efficient convertible that’s equipped with pretty comfortable seating. I’m sure you could opt for a few extra options, too, like a radio or different color.

You never think that a motorized lounge chair would actually exist in real life because you’re so used to seeing people use a car, bike, motorcycle, train, scooter, bus, etc. as their main form of transportation. How weird is it when actually you see a different set of wheels cruise down the street like a tractor, carriage or lawnmower? Pretty strange. When this happens, which is rare, you probably stop and look a few times to make sure that you’re seeing something other than a car on the road. I can only imagine what the person who captured this video was thinking when he saw the motorized Lay-Z-Boy speed right past his vehicle. The whole concept of a motorized reclining chair is something you dream one day when you’re feeling too lazy to get out of the Lay-Z-Boy in your living room. You think to yourself, “It would be really nice if this thing had wheels,” but the envision stops there. You don’t actually go out, buy a reclining chair and spend hours in the garage, making a new form of transportation. You also don’t intend on ever seeing this type of creation on the road. But the driver of the Lay-Z-Boy did, however. He made his dream of  driving a lounge chair a reality, and I’m sure he had a lot of different factors to consider while creating his nifty little recliner, like the legality, safety concerns, purpose of this vehicle, and cloth or leather upholstery. Either way, the guy broke traditional stereotypes of how people commute by making every couch potatoes’ dream come true.

Okay. Enough daydreaming and YouTube videos. Maybe it’s time I find a new hobby.

NOTE: Lebanon Ford does not encourage the creation of and/or driving a motorized Lay-Z-Boy.

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