“Go Further” With Ford

Ford Go Further

Ford’s campaign “Go Further” was recently launched in an attempt to break the American consumer’s preconceived notions about Ford and their products. Ford, who survived the economic downfall without the need of a government bailout, has been very pleased with how their company has bounced back since the 2008 collapse. When Ford began their “Go Further “campaign, it wasn’t about raising sales but more importantly about bringing the essence of what Henry Ford believed in back in to the company culture.

“At Ford, we Go Further because we serve each other – and that’s service to the local community, our dealers, ourselves as employees and our customers,” stated Jim Farley, Ford’s Group Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Service. “We are also committed to innovation and making our customers’ lives better in surprising ways. But we want to go further than just innovate. We want to make that innovation available to everyone, not just a few people.”

The campaign which is the fore front of their new 60 second commercial displays their new line of Ford vehicles, but with a twist. In the commercial, there is no mention of Ford or the Ford emblem anywhere, not even on the vehicles. Ford wanted to let the quality of the cars speak for themselves. They didn’t want customer’s preconceived thoughts on Ford blind them from the true quality of their product.

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to see what’s right in front of you. As Alan Mullaly, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company said “Go Further is what Henry Ford meant when he promised that Ford would “open the highways to all mankind.”


So what do you think of the commercial and the “Go Further” direction of Ford? Does this new brand image make you more or less inclined to purchase a Ford vehicle? Leave your comments below.

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