Secret Fees for Traveling by Air, not Land

Memorial day and summer travel plans are underway. As usual, the debate continues yearly over whether it is more economical, comfortable, and efficient to fly or drive to our various destinations. Family travel by air might come into question this summer, as some airlines have decided to start charging more for both window and aisle seats. A family of three wanting to sit together will pay an extra $50 just to sit together. This presents a variety of problems, from leaving your ten year old two rows up to prevent extra fees. There’s no extra fee for riding shotgun in a car.

This move by air travel companies is coming off as slightly discriminatory toward family travel. For the average businessman or woman, this is not a big deal. They can choose to sit in the middle seat without an extra charge. But travel with even one other person, and extra fees are attached. Even if gas prices are increasing, air companies need to be careful with the number of “extras” they continue to attach to the price. We were just getting adjusted to paying for checking suitcases.