How to Reboot Your MyFord Touch System

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Vehicles now a days are becoming more and more like computers. Just like computers, sometimes they need a little reboot to get them back on track. That’s the case when it comes to a Master Reset on Ford’s MyFord Touch infotainment system. While experiencing an issue where you need to perform a Master Reset is few and far between, knowing how to reset your MyFord Touch system will help you to get up and running again in no time. Here are some situations where you may need to perform a Master Reset of your MyFord Touch system, as well as an easy to follow step by step guide on how reset your MyFord Touch system.

When A Master Reset May Come In Handy

  • The system isn’t operating like normal.
  • Your phone isn’t connecting properly, even after attempting a reverse pair.
  • The USB port isn’t finding your media player.

Performing A Master Reset

  1. Access your Settings Menu by clicking the cogs located next to the Home Button
  2. Select Settings from the list on the right side of the screen
  3. Select System at the top of the list
  4. Scroll down until you see Master Reset, then press it.


Performing a Master Reset will restore your system to the factory default settings and will erase any bluetooth devices you have paired to your MyFord Touch system. Once the system has been reset, you will need to pair all bluetooth devices again. The Master Reset will not adjust your radio presets, it will only adjust your settings and revert them back to default.

NOTE: This isn’t the magical fix, if your vehicle isn’t the root of the problem, then rebooting will not solve anything. Consult our 10 Easy DIY Microsoft SYNC Setups and Fixes before performing a Master Reset to be sure you’ve tried all other possible solutions. We sure would hate for you to have to reset your settings and devices for nothing.

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  • JWH

    Any vehicle that requires over a hundred fuses and breakers is going to have many, many, many, too many problems. I have purchased my last Ford and will never ever ever use Sirius again. Both companies techs haven’t a clue of what to do other than blaming each other and replacing the whole module. I am tired of hearing “we have to order a part and it should be here in a week or so”

    • Jeff Cryder

      Sounds like you had a truly bad experience. Was your issue related directly to the MyFord Touch system or Sirius Satellite Radio not functioning properly?

      • JWH

        And it continues, Ford blames Sirius and Sirius blames Ford and I am stuck with a costly subscription that does not work. I wish I could answer your question, I wish anybody could answer it.
        Sent from my IPad

    • bgaiser1

      This is not directly a Ford problem. It’s Ford’s FAULT for not firing Microsoft. I have other very, very advanced cars. All with 40+ onboard computers all running software in harmony. They work great and are NOT made by Microsoft. Microsoft software should not be allowed in a vehicle. Ever.

  • Me

    Reboot and reset aren’t the same thing.

    • myTech Team

      You’re absolutely correct, reboot ant reset aren’t the same thing. The system does in fact reset the system back to factory defaults. It will clear out any saved points you may have in the optional Navigation while also deleting all saved bluetooth devices. While it does reset the system it will also perform a reboots it. It will end all input/output operations and brings the system from a, sometimes, inoperable state to an operational one.

  • bgaiser1

    The statement “Just like computers, sometimes they need a little reboot to get them back on track. ” is actually false and fairly offensive to a computer software engineer. Cars are now FILLED with computers as are airplanes, nuclear power plants, hospitals and space craft which have very high quality software needing up times of 99.999%. Reboots in these systems are extremely rare. IF “little reboots” were needed in any other context… people would die often. MOST computers DO NOT need a little reboot. MICROSOFT based software RUNNING on computers does need frequent reboots. In my 2013 Focus bought YESTERDAY – Sync froze the whole screen twice so far. You can’t navigate the menus to get to the “Master Reset”. Removing battery power is the only solution. Ford needed to put a “Control-ALT-Delete” somewhere in the cabin. Sucks.

  • annoyed

    How in the world do I even do this, when the whole screen is frozen to start with?

    • myTech Team

      If the screen is frozen you can perform a hard reset on the vehicle by unplugging the negative terminal of the battery and leaving it off for five minutes. We do recommend that you take it to a service technician before doing this seeing that a hard reset will clear out any internal codes that would indicate the cause of the situation. There’s also liability reasons to consider as well.

      There is a new update our for MyFord Touch that we’ve highlighted in a recent article. You’ll want to make sure your vehicle is running the most up-to-date version going forward. This will help prevent any unwanted situation from occurring, like the one you’re mentioning. I’ve liked the article below for easy access.