Think You’re Safe from the Sun in your Car?

For some people, sunscreen commercials and advice from dermatologists may not be enough to make them wear sunscreen. But all it took for many Americans this week was a glimpse of a truck driver of 28 years published in the NE Journal of Medicine, and then broadcast all over the country. You may think you are protected from the sun in your vehicle, but this picture serves as a warning to all truck drivers and commuters.

Many women’s facial moisturizers that they wear daily contain SPF 15 or higher, but many men don’t go anywhere near the word “moisturizer.” So, another option could be to keep a travel size sunscreen in your car. When you think about the sun beaming down on you on these beautiful summer days, remember this picture, and put some on. And if this is what happens to your skin, imagine what happens to your eyes. Invest in some protective sunglasses as well.