Kitties Behind the Wheel

Riding down the highway, it’s common to see all kinds of dogs, big and small, enjoying the breeze. But what about a cat on the driver’s shoulders? Apparently, people think this is okay, specifically on I-75 North this week. As a cat owner, I understand the need to transport your animal for various reasons. But this is a whole new level of friendship between owner and cat. Can they not be separated for a few minutes? Pet owners seem to have varying degrees of what is acceptable when it comes to allowing their animals to roam freely around the inside of their vehicle as they drive.

Technically, animals are supposed to be secured into a carrier or some sort of animal seat belt, but there doesn’t seem to be any laws about this. I find this curious, especially as some cities and states attempt to outlaw all types of cell phone use, including hands-free phone calls. Is it more distracting to talk on speakerphone or to have a cat on your shoulders, or a dog roaming the car? I have done it, and it is easier, and much more fun for the animal, but it sounds like a perfect definition of “distracted driving.”