From Matchbox Cars to First Cars

Maybe driving school doesn’t start the day you turn fifteen and a half. Maybe it starts the first time you ride in a car, or the first time you set (little) foot into a cozy coop or Barbie jeep. From a young age, we are driven by something to get from place A to place B in the fastest, safest way possible. The “safest” part is a worry that comes later in life, which you understand if you ever toppled your cozy coop over.

At what point does a child start watching, and learning how to drive? They clearly know that a wheel turns a car from just a few years old. If the family has a riding motor, a four wheel, or anything else that uses a gas pedal, they may learn to push a pedal whenever they want to go. But putting it all together? Probably not until about age 12.

Driving is such a simple task to most of us, like talking or reading. But what if children didn’t grow up in a culture where driving was normal. For example, my grandmother had a steep learning curve coming from another country when, over 50 years ago, there were no cars in her small village in Greece.

When did you first get the drive to drive?