Happy Fathers Day

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My dad taught me how to drive.

In fact, my dad is, and has always been, the primary driving instructor in my family. He taught my 19-year-old sister how to operate a motor vehicle and is currently in the process of teaching my 15-year-old twin sisters how to drive, too.

Over the last six months, I’ve witnessed my dad coach my littlest sisters behind the wheel and today, especially since it’s Fathers Day, I took a few minutes to actually reflect on the countless hours he invested into doing the same for me.

Aside from just teaching me how to drive, my dad has done so much more. He has shown me how to be a responsible vehicle owner — something I could never have done without his help. There is no way I could repay my dad for everything he does for me.  And the only way I can show him how much I appreciate him is by simply saying thanks (I’ll keep it relevant to interests, since this is an automotive blog).

THANK YOU, dad, for:

  • letting me pretend to drive your car in the garage while growing up
  • giving me the chance as a kid to hop on your lap and actually steer your vehicle while you controlled the gas
  • allowing the 13-year-old me to drive that golf cart around the Lake of the Ozarks when we both know I shouldn’t have (LONG STORY SHORT: I crashed)
  • chauffeuring me around town for 16 years
  • taking time out of your busy schedule to teach me how to drive
  • yelling at me when I pulled into oncoming traffic
  • telling me to slow down when I would drive too fast
  • forcing me to practice parallel parking over and over until I got it just right
  • drilling the ‘rules of the road’ into my brain
  • buying me A CAR
  • showing me how to fill up my gas tank
  • authorizing me take a road trip with friends
  • giving me freedom while behind the wheel
  • being confident in my driving skills
  • understanding that washing machines pop up in the middle of the highway sometimes and run into people’s car.. like mine
  • footing the bill when I had to get my vehicle repaired after that pesky washing machine decided to crash into the side of my car on the highway
  • acknowledging that accidents happen
  • making me pay my traffic violations
  • showing me how to read a map
  • instructing me on how to put air in my tires
  • teaching me how to check my oil and windshield wiper fluid
  • waking up each and every Saturday morning to wash my car
  • telling me that the car I like isn’t always the best option
  • scraping the snow off my windshield during the winter before you go to work
  • accompanying me to the car dealership when I purchased my Jeep
  • demonstrating your mean negotiation skills and passing them along to me
  • reiterating to me that the best deal isn’t always the greatest
  • helping me get credit
  • cosigning my auto loan
  • assisting me with getting car insurance
  • taking care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork that goes along with owning a vehicle, such as personal property tax and registration, then showing me how to handle it all on my own
  • letting me park in the garage
  • making unforgettable memories with me
  • passing along some of the best advice I will ever receive
  • never hesitating or doubting me

But most of all, thanks for being there to help with whatever it is I need, car-related or not.

About Brittney French

Brittney is a journalist and media relations specialist who lives in St. Louis, Mo. When she's not blogging for Lebanon Ford, she is the author of a women's column and also writes about music, events, and St. Louis sports. Having little knowledge in the automotive industry, Brittney provides valuable insight on cars for those who may be in the same boat. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter @brittfrancois.