3 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Car Dock

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I recently read an article on Lifehacker about a portable car dock you can create yourself using simple office supplies. Being someone whose music needs don’t pause when I enter my vehicle, I was feeling a real need to have a phone dock in my car. This simple DIY is a great way to have quick and easy access to your mobile device without compromising your safety on the road, and best of all, it costs nearly nothing except a simple office supply and a little bit of your time.

I decided to direct my focus toward building this, in my case free, phone dock (I just found supplies lying around the office). I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and works brilliantly with both my iPhone and Android devices. I can scroll through my media directly from my phone and launch apps such as Google Maps all without having to look into my lap. All you need to do is hook your device through your cars AUX port or connect via Bluetooth audio and boom! Instant surround sound for your music.

Receive a phone call? No problem. The AUX port will act like a head set and send the voice on the other end through your speakers just like Microsoft SYNC (unless of course you already have SYNC in your vehicle, then it will work as normal). Since the phone is already at mouth level all you have to do is talk loud enough for the people on the other end to hear you. Now you won’t get pulled over for talking on your phone because you just created a Bluetooth device in your car (well sort of, ok not really but still). It’s a big safety feature if you don’t like talking with only one hand on the wheel. Now that I’ve sparked your interest here’s how you can make your own car dock in three easy DIY steps.

Step 1:

Take a 2″ binder clip and remove the metal handles. Bend the tips of the handles so they can wrap around your device. I went back to the work bench a couple of times to make sure I got a snug fit.

Office Clip image          Office Clip pic

Step 2:

Re-attach the handles so they point in on each other. Wrap a rubber band (we used two) around the handles to apply tension. This will make sure the phone is doesn’t move around when it’s docked.

Office Clip Picture          Office Clip pic

Step 3:

Clip your car dock to a desired air vent and mount your phone and voila! Your media and navigation can now be easily accessed right in front of you.

Car Dock image          Car Dock picture

To get the audio playing through my speakers I hooked it up through my AUX port. If you have a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC you’ll be able to use “Bluetooth Audio” to get the sound through your speakers. Simply press the “Voice” button located on the steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio”. The device you are using must be connected to SYNC for this to work. If you’re having trouble connecting your phone give us a call below.

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