A Tent For Your Truck

ford f150 image

My fiancé and I are in the market for a new tent and like any responsible American consumers, we have searched the internet looking for the best model, options, accessories, and price point (much like shopping for a car). While shopping online the other day I came across a tent that caught my eye and was different than all the rest, it was a tent for your truck.

Brands like Napier and Kodiak specialize in tents that set up and perfectly fit in any full sized pickup truck bed. Obviously, if you don’t own a truck or know somebody who will let you barrow theirs, this tent is not for you, but I cannot help but see the positives in this tent for my future camping trips:

1.)  The tent is off the ground

2.)  The tent uses a tool that we already have and would not otherwise use after reaching our destination (the truck)

3.)  It just plain looks cool

Hopefully this post has shown you a great accessory for your F-150, if not at least this shows yet again that “they” do invent everything.