How Much do You Trust Other Drivers?

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Throughout driving school, young drivers are taught to rely on nobody around them. In fact, they are taught defensive, and even offensive driving, trying to prevent an accident from happening. We learn that the best thing to do is assume the other drivers are idiots. However sometimes distrust of other drivers can lead to impatience, which causes many wrecks in and of itself.

Picture this (true story): A truck approaches an intersection and cannot clear the intersection because cars are blocking the road ahead due to construction. Even though the light is green, the truck decides to stop to ensure they will not get stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red. A small car behind the truck assumes the truck is an idiot, and chooses not to trust the truck’s decision. The small car starts beeping incessantly and making a major scene. The truck does not move. The small car proceeds to speed around the truck, flipping the driver off, yelling obscenities, and honking the horn, only to realize there’s nowhere to go for them either!

Trusting other drivers can be risky, but assuming other drivers don’t know what their doing can also lead to rash decisions. So, the next time you are positive the vehicle in front of you is trying to make you late, consider why.