Lessons For Driving and Life

In my farewell post, I would like to pass along the advice I’ve learned as a driver-writer. After watching how drivers interact with themselves, their vehicles, and each other over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that there are life lessons to be learned on the road.

1. Watch Your Back

And your left, right, and front. You never know when someone is going to be not paying attention and life, or another vehicle, will just throw you a punch you didn’t expect. Be ready.

2. Put Others First…Sometimes

We have all been taught to share since Kindergarten, and the road is no exception—share your lane when a rabbit darts out, share the space in front of you when someone’s merging, etc. But sharing only goes so far. In life and on the road, only share when it is a safe move for you as well. No stopping twenty cars of traffic to let out a driver on the side street!

3. Wear a Seatbelt and Expect some Bumps

This just explains itself.

4. Enjoy the Breeze

We spend so much of our lives driving that we forget to slow down and enjoy the breeze in our hair. For some, time in the car can be a stress relief, a time to decompress, and even something spiritual.

5. Follow Your Instincts

Go somewhere you actually WANT to go once in awhile! Don’t spend every minute of your day in a rat race, commuting through traffic, and running errands. Build in some time to take an evening drive with your partner, or to open the back hatch and use some ice cream cones to get every ounce of life from your vehicle. Ask any elderly person who can no longer drive, or a fifteen and a half year old itching to get behind the wheel, and remember that driving is an awesome privilege and responsibility.