Ford Renews Focus On In-Car Tech Development, Unveils Silicon Valley Lab

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Ford officially opened its new Silicon Valley lab last week as a move to help the company develop better and more innovative technologies.

“We have been innovating for more than a century at Ford, but we acknowledge we don’t have a monopoly on creativity,” said Bill Ford, Ford executive chairman. “Our new office will complement our existing research efforts by allowing us to tap into the region that has been driving consumer technology forward in recent decades.”

Ford’s Silicon Valley lab will serve as a place to further develop the relationships they’ve already established with the Bay Area Tech companies as well as the countless other startups in the area. The lab is not intended to replace or duplicate any of the work from already existing research and innovation/technology facilities Ford has around the world, but rather focus on independent technology projects and the development of partnerships within the area.

The main objectives of the lab, though, are centered around three key areas; big data, open source innovation, and user experience.

“As new ways of processing, curating and filtering information are conceived, the possibilities for enhancing personal mobility are virtually limitless,” said Venkatesh Prasad, general manager of the new lab and senior technical leader of open innovation.

“With many of the finest forward-thinking minds in the world located in the San Francisco Bay region, the Ford Silicon Valley Lab is ideally positioned to interact with and forge connections to local innovators and grow the relationships with our current partners.”

Ford held a day-long event at the Computer History Museum on Monday night to celebrate the opening of the new Silicon Valley Lab which is located in downtown Palo Alto. The lab only has four people currently working there but Venkatesh Prasad says they plan on adding up to 12 in the coming months.

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