Ford Unveils 2013 Ford Fusion Through ‘Random Acts of Fusion’

2013 Ford Fusion Picture

Ford’s new transmedia marketing campaign, ‘Random Acts of Fusion‘ is aimed at introducing the all new Fusion to millions before it hits sales floors this fall. The program is similar to what Ford’s done in the past with the Fiesta Movement and Escape Routes, but with an exciting twist. The 2013 Fusion is one of the most anticipated cars of 2012, and when it hits sales floors this fall it’s expected to totally redefine the mid-sized car segment.

“We are taking a completely unique approach to introduce the new Fusion with a transmedia program, launching this transformational vehicle that over-delivers with its distinctive blend of style, intelligence and technology,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service. “Combining social media, entertainment and unexpected consumer experiences will allow us to connect with audiences through every type of media, making Fusion’s profile larger than ever.”

The new series by Ford will introduce the new and innovative Fusion to customers from every walk of life, as well as celebrities, as it spans the nation. The program is almost like their old “Drive One” campaign but with a broader audience and only one car… the all-new Fusion.  One of the celebrities featured on the program will be Emmy Award-winning TV and radio host and producer, Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest teamed up with Ford to be the guiding force for consumers as he leads them through the interactive journey to launch, Random Acts of Fusion. “It’s a privilege to partner with such a stellar multinational brand as Ford,” said Seacrest. “I’m excited to help Ford bring the Fusion to life through what I believe is going to be a very entertaining and surprising interactive consumer initiative.”

Ford will run the Random Acts of Fusion campaign through a variety of marketing mediums like radio, broadcast, live events, social media and Internet channels. The kickoff, according to Chicago Tribune, is even expected to feature a video from Seacrest asking viewers to generate 1,000 likes on Fusion’s Facebook page in order to unlock the next installment of the campaign.

“Life is all about acts – big and small – and through Random Acts of Fusion, this vehicle and program will take real people to unexpected places,” says Crystal Worthem, manager, Ford Brand Content & Alliances. “Consumers will have to work together to unlock the story, and as the program evolves, will have a chance to see for themselves how Fusion is able to transform the lives of the people who drive it.”

This unique transmedia marketing program is sure to add even more excitement to this already hot car. Ford has definitely found a great way to introduce and launch its next generation Ford vehicles and I’m excited to see how this particular campaign works out. What are your thoughts on the way Ford introduces its new vehicles to the market place? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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