How to Reset Microsoft SYNC In Your Vehicle

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If your phone isn’t connecting to SYNC, and you’ve already tried rebooting your phone here’s your next step. It’s called a “Master Reset”, which essentially is a complete reboot of your Microsoft SYNC system. There are however, only a couple of reasons why you would need to perform a Master Reset: Your phone might not hold the connection or won’t connect at all even though you’ve already reset your phone; Your USB port won’t recognize a device, or the system just isn’t operating properly. The steps below will guide you through how to perform a Master Reset on your vehicle.

MyFord Touch

MyFord Touch pic

  1. Access your “Settings Menu” by clicking the cogs located next to the “Home Button”.
  2. Select “Settings” from the list on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select “System” at the top of the list.
  4. Scroll down until you see “Master Reset”, then press it.

SYNC with Navigation

SYNC w/ Navigation

  1. Click the “Phone” button.
  2. Select “Settings” on the screen.
  3. Select “Advanced” on the right side of the screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select “Master Reset”.

SYNC and MyFord

Ford SYNC pic    myford pic

  1. Click the “Phone” button to bring up the “Phone Menu”.
  2. Scroll through the menu till you see “System Settings” and press “OK”.
  3. Find “Advanced” and press “OK”.
  4. Locate “Master Reset” and press “OK”.


The video shows will show you a different way to access Master Reset so you can choose which is easiest for you.

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  • mike

    Ok so I had a recall on my 2013 ford focus se for the transmission shuttering the dealership did the updated down load they said I needed afterwards I noticed that my clock was wrong so I tried to set the time that was not working so I went back to ford the tried for 4 hours to fix it finally got clock to work but now I have no sync no phone no radio no cd it’s does allow
    me to set clock and I’d I push the on button it will flash a blue solid screen the go back to the standard screen saver they sent me home with car and had me come back again next morning this time two techs worked on it until 3pm still no idea what’s wrong said the module won’t take the as installed app and now I’m waiting to see what’s wrong

  • Harleigh

    I’m having the same problem as the others. I have a 2012 Ford fusion. The phone button doesn’t work nor does the aux button. Its getting on my nerves! Can you please tell me how to fix it without paying an outrageous price?! is my email address. Thanks in advanced.

    • Taylor Tindel

      I have the same issue did you end up getting it fixed?

  • Sean

    So I pulled fuse with no luck, car was off when I pulled fuse another poster had said they pulled the fuse with the vehicle running. I did not try this. I did get a sync update and inserted a usb drive. I seen no display that the sync was updating but I inserted the usb stick started vehicle and 10 minutes later my Bluetooth was working again. hope this helps others

  • Ric

    Thanks, it worked for my 2009 Ford Escape. I disconnected the battery and waited 15 minutes hooked it back up and it worked like a charm. I am in SYNC once more!

  • Omar V

    I’m having the same issue with my mustang. Did you get yours fixed and if how and how much did it cost? i got a guy saying it could just be a reset or the mogul. if you could email me that will be great.

  • reff

    Trying to add photos by usb flas drive but keep getting message device not recognized

  • Jamie

    I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta and my sync isn’t working at all. Is there any way I can fix this without pulling any fuses? My email is, if anyone has any suggestions please email me

  • Shay

    I took my car to the ford dealership for repairs that had nothing to do with audio now my system will not recognize my iPhone, iPod and says no AUX AUDIO!!!
    The speakers work ….radio works….when I press menu button only select hour/mins comes up….steering wheel media/phone doesn’t wrk either!!! Please help

  • suzie

    When I press the aux then menu nothing happens no options or anything can you tell me what’s wrong please

  • Dan

    My 2012 fusion used fuse 13 for SYNC, so make sure to check your manual first, though probably all 2009 used the same number. Also, when I tried it my car was on, not sure if that made a difference, but after putting the fuse back in SYNC worked like it use to and would actually let me pair a phone.

  • Jessica Copeland

    When I try to connect my phone it doesn’t give me the phone menu it just says no phone and doesn’t let me scroll..

  • Louis Linn

    I had to give my 2010 flex a jump and now when I press aux or phone it says no phone no aux. How do I fix it so it works again

  • Mary

    This is exactly what mine displays when I click aux, or phone or plug anything into the usb. (Won’t charge) I assumed it was a fuse, tried the only one that mentioned aux in the description but still having problems. Mine is an 09 flex. I don’t see sync in any description of any fuse. Now I’m lost. I don’t even really care about the sync part, I just miss the usb and aux. but it’s my understanding that it’s all connected. I’ve been on the internet for days trying to remedy this and this is the first thing I’ve read that is the same exact problem as mine. I just wish I knew which fuse would fix it. :/

  • Patty

    That is/was the same problem I was having. Dead battery & sync not working. Called tech support they said I needed to upgrade the software. I said oh hell no. So I looked up the fuses, pulled out #3 (still good) cleaned & put it back & BAM!! Sync, aux, usb, phone button all work. Bluetooth connected & battery kept the charge.

  • Glenn

    Read the section lower down about pulling the #3 SYNC fuse for a couple minutes (located on the passenger side of the interior console’s side-little door-2009 Escape) Keep it out for a short time-out it back in and you’re done. (Thank you very much Steve(below) the manual was no help at all regarding this issue)

  • Arquita

    My car will not do anything even when I press the aux button. Now what should I do

  • Kyle V

    Hello, I just had my car serviced (I only have taken it to the same dealer I’ve purchased it through), and a couple days later I realize my sync is not even functioning. The sync button is not even working so I can give no commands. Nor is my usb charger or AUX functioning. They say to bring by to try a hard reset and get the stuff working again. Fingers crossed.

  • Pharoah Shepherd

    Sync has been buggy since a got my 2010 Ford Flex.. Before this last update it worked alright, but now it stops working, then one day it decides to work again. My latest experience is it stopped working (No Sync Menu at all). Disconnected battery for 20min and it’s like Sync is not even there. Pulled the No 28 fuse, seemed like it wanted to start but failed. I understand that this is not a Ford problem, it’s a Microsoft problem… they should’ve never gotten into the auto industry as many times as we have to reboot computers to fix things. Still no resolution to my issue but find the time to take to service.

  • Jay

    How can I reset my radio when I can’t access my aux or my menu settings

  • becky

    I bought a used 2010 Ford Escape can you tell me how to get that back going. When touch phone it says no phone so I’m assuming the sync isn’t on so how to I get that back going.

  • Taylor Tindel

    I have the same issue did you end up getting it fixed??

  • Vern Braymiller

    I have a 2015 Ford with Sync and a iphone 6S Plus and it wont readout any text messages ? What am i missing ?

  • Jigger

    I’d like to know if your have encountered problems with Ford Sync Bluetooth not turning on.

    I have an Ecosport purchased a couple of months back and I have been using the Sync features from audio to phone connection.

    This stopped recently when I no longer get my calls from the sync even if it is paired. This prompted me to perform a clean pair which did not work at all.

    In the process of doing the pairing, a window prompts up if I would like to turn the car’s bluetooth on or off. Even though I turned it on, I am still unable to find SYNC on my phone’s bluetooth settings.

    After several troubleshooting, I made a master reset which still did not work.

    Choosing to turn on sync’s bluetooth is not working and would see to return back to OFF.

    Please let me know what else I can do before bringing it back for service.

  • Tim

    I am having the same problems with Sync on a new 2015 Fiesta. In addition the dealer cannot get the sync software update to load. At less than 2000 miles, I am beginning to be concerned about the rest of the car. Think I will start to research my states’s lemon laws

  • Kyle

    My sync stopped working in my ford f 150 the buttons and all so I can’t get into sync settings what should I do to fix this

  • Katelyn Rose Ferguson

    Hi, just wondering what happened to my phone button. I hit it and it doesn’t do anything. SYNC disappeared from the media menu. Any idea how to fix it?

  • Bobby Hartless

    How do you reset it if you can not even get the sync to active?

  • Melinda Bridges

    I have some of what the same issue but my radio doesn’t work at all. The display screen just says “ford escape premium sound” no time, the buttons on the steering wheel don’t work, the usb & aux Don’t work. NOTHING WORKS. Tired of riding in silents

    • Megan

      Hi Melinda..did you ever get this fixed ? I am having the same issue right now. If you got it fixed can you email me at ??? Thanks!

  • Alex.


    I have a problem with my Mondeo 2011 system: does not
    matter what I connect (either USB or phone) to the USB socket it will
    not read it.

    I also converted the USB stick to FAT32, but without success.

    Can someone give me some hints?


  • Hannah

    Hi, I have a Ford Focus 2014 I just purchased used, if I click the phone button or voice button nothing happens. I even click phone sync and my car does nothing?

  • Jamie Campbell

    Just picked up our new 2015 Jayco Greyhawk Class C RV with Ford E-450 – we can call from vehicle – but callers cannot hear us – we can hear them…is there something wrong with our outgoing speaker or is there a reset I need to do?

  • Kelly R Garza

    I’m trying to do a master reset. I hold down the aux button and it how’s back to the radio.



  • Sam Howard

    Have you ever had a radio that would play music from the usb thumb drive but can’t be updated or will not recognize a computer for updating

  • Chris

    I have a 2012 f250 and nothing works on the sync not the phone button more the voice button unplugged the batteries for 1 he still no fix help

  • Chris

    Did a master reset still dead radio no sync

  • Emily996630

    My mercury is doing the EXACT same thing!! can someone email me what to do?