How to Reset Microsoft SYNC In Your Vehicle

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If your phone isn’t connecting to SYNC, and you’ve already tried rebooting your phone here’s your next step. It’s called a “Master Reset”, which essentially is a complete reboot of your Microsoft SYNC system. There are however, only a couple of reasons why you would need to perform a Master Reset: Your phone might not hold the connection or won’t connect at all even though you’ve already reset your phone; Your USB port won’t recognize a device, or the system just isn’t operating properly. The steps below will guide you through how to perform a Master Reset on your vehicle.

MyFord Touch

MyFord Touch pic

  1. Access your “Settings Menu” by clicking the cogs located next to the “Home Button”.
  2. Select “Settings” from the list on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select “System” at the top of the list.
  4. Scroll down until you see “Master Reset”, then press it.

SYNC with Navigation

SYNC w/ Navigation

  1. Click the “Phone” button.
  2. Select “Settings” on the screen.
  3. Select “Advanced” on the right side of the screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select “Master Reset”.

SYNC and MyFord

Ford SYNC pic    myford pic

  1. Click the “Phone” button to bring up the “Phone Menu”.
  2. Scroll through the menu till you see “System Settings” and press “OK”.
  3. Find “Advanced” and press “OK”.
  4. Locate “Master Reset” and press “OK”.


The video shows will show you a different way to access Master Reset so you can choose which is easiest for you.

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  • Ashley

    What if the phone button doesn’t work. I did a master reset and it still won’t recognize my phone through Bluetooth or USB

    • myTech Team

      Ashley, If you would like, shoot me an email and ill give you a few tips to see if we can resolve this issue with your Sync system.

      • Bruce

        hi- I have the same problem as Ashley- can you send me the info you sent her- I have a 2009 Escape with Ford Sync and the phone stopped connecting and the Hard phone button doesn’t work

        • Lebanon Ford Concierge

          If you shoot me an email I can send you some tips on how to help resolve your issue.

          • Bernita alexander

            Hi I’m Bernita, and It appears that I’m having this exact same issue with my 2010 ford fusion as what Ashley has. I can not connect phone through Bluetooth and my aux with not connect! The hand free phone buttons do not work! Could you send me an email to help resolve this issue as well!

          • kwil

            can you please send them to me also i sent you a email already

          • yvonne

   some one please send me the same thing my phone buttons just stopped working!

          • Disgusted

            Wow I think I’m going to write a long complaint letter to ford. How are we all experiencing the same issues! Big business scams! Should’ve stayed with Chevy

        • clare

          Hey Bruce I was was wondering..could you send me the info they sent you… I seem to have rhe same problem

    • Rose

      My 2014 Escape has the same issue!!! Talk button on the steering wheel does NOT connect at all! HELP!

  • jose guillen

    this is not working

    • jose guillen

      My screen is still frozen

      • Lebanon Ford Concierge

        You can also try a hard reset, disconnect the battery cable for a few minutes. This will erase any codes stored in the vehicle that would help a Ford technician diagnose any issues with your sync system, but will usually fix your system being frozen.

  • andy

    Hi, My 2010 ford mustang radio show “MUSTANG” and nothing else would work. i thought it was from my low battery so i went on to buy a new battery and it still won’t work.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      I would suggest you do a hard reset which involves you unplugging the battery from the car for 10-15 minutes, however because you switched out your car battery you basically already performed that. That being said, I would suggest you take your car to a Ford service department and have them check it out as this seems like a mechanical issue with sync rather than a system issue.

  • Nikki

    I am having the same issue as Ashley. My 2009 Mercury Mairner just stopoedrunning the other day and it ended up being that my fuel pump safety switch turned off, now the sync system won’t work at all. the phone button says no phone and when,I hit the aux button it’s days no aux. what should I do. you can email me at

  • Arleighp

    I have a 2011 Hybrid Milan. First I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my phone. Next I tried the Master reset because it wasn’t letting me use my phone thru the car. When I did this it won’t let me pair my phone at all. It says the cars blue tooth is turned off would I like to turn it on…YES!…but it doesn’t turn it on. It says to make sure SYNC is turned on but I can’t find instructions for that.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You will need to visit a Ford dealership and have them preform a hard reset on your Milan. You can compete this yourself if you chose. Disconnect the battery for 15-20 minutes.

      • Joe

        Sync. Is fkn horrible. Nothing is working. 2014 …really?

  • Jdshooter22

    2013 Ford Taurus sel sync not working at all! Tried disconnecting batter for few min still nothing. Not even pressing the button does anything any tips on that please. Also looked at the fuse for sync and it’s good too

  • Angry

    Everyone call these lemon law people and complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    I had this problem in my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid and I fixed it myself, after reading all of these suggestions and finding them all wanting. A couple of days ago, I came out in the morning to find my Escape wouldn’t start, and after investigating, that the under-hood battery was discharged. I put the battery on a charger/starter, and was able to get the car to start, the battery took and held charge after allowing it to trickle charge over a few hours. I then found that my iPhone would no longer pair with Sync (which it had for the last few years, and yes, my car has Sync – duh). Investigating Sync, trying to re-pair (not repair!) my phone, I found pushing the “Phone” button got me a “No Phone” message, and then trying “Aux” got me a “No Aux” message, so I couldn’t even access the Bluetooth menus to pair, or do the soft reset.
    So I went on the internet to see if there was any advice and found these pages, and the only advice that seemed to relate was “disconnect the battery for 15-20 mins.” Yeah, um, engineer and aircraft mechanic here, not good advice for the general public to go horsing around with battery cables (those who work on cars or other motorized vehicles who know what they’re doing, excepted) – most wouldn’t know the positive from the negative post of a battery.
    Plus, when cleaning the battery posts and clamps on my Escape, I had already done this (removing the battery cable), and my Sync didn’t work.
    In my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid manual is a page on the fuse panel. It clearly labels the “Sync” fuse as #3 (probably different in other models). So with the car running, Sync still not working (verified by pressing “Aux” and getting the “No Aux” message) I removed the #3 fuse, waited a minute, then replaced it.
    Voila – Sync came up on the screen and started pairing with my iPhone which was sitting on the center console. The Aux button now worked, and all checked out.
    The #3 fuse was labelled as a 15 Amp fuse – there was a little plastic doohickey inside the fuse box cover that can be used to extract the fuse and replace it, but other small tools like needle nose pliers (used gently) can also be used.

  • Rick Longueira

    The clock is not working on my 2010 Edge. I did a master reset and its still not working. Ford tells me I have to update the Sync software. Is this correct?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You can check for software updates on your account

  • Krissy

    My phone button is not even working at all. Not even the Auxiliary button working.

  • Mike

    My consistent problem has to do with the radio not working. At first, about 1 out of 20 times I’d start the vehicle, everything would come up as usual on screen… except no radio. Lately, it has been 1 out of 5 times.
    Turning off and restarting the vehicle usually solves this. But… something must be wrong for this to be happening at all.
    I have not done a master reset. I am willing to do so, but I’m wondering about possible causes of the problem and whether there is any type of reset except for “master”.
    Suggestions? Please?