Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Ford SYNC Connection Issue Fix

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Pic

So you’ve just updated your Android device to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and suddenly found your phone is having trouble pairing to your Ford vehicle. Have no fear we’ve listed a couple quick DIY steps to get your tech back up and running:

Re-Pairing Your Phone

Make sure you delete your phone out of your vehicle by going into your Phone Menu > System Settings > Bluetooth Devices > Delete Devices and select your phone. Next delete SYNC out of your phone by going to your Bluetooth Menu and select SYNC under your paired devices and delete it. Once this is done you are all set to re-pair you Android phone. Follow the link for instruction on How to Easily Pair an Android Phone to Ford SYNC

Master Reset

If Re-pairing your phone doesn’t work you can try a Master Reset which will completely reboot your vehicle’s Microsoft SYNC system. Once you perform a Master Reset it will delete any and all paired phones you have paired with it.  To perform a Master Reset follow the steps listed by following the link How to Reset Microsoft SYNC In Your Vehicle

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