The Future of Driving Might Feel More Like A Video Game

Xbox Kinect pic

If you own a Ford chances are you’re using technology that has a Microsoft badge on it. While Microsoft SYNC is one of the main devices Ford uses, did you know they recently adopted a new technology from Microsoft, hands-free liftgate. The system allows you to open your liftgate by simply making a kicking motion under the bumper. Ford is using Microsoft technology from it’s Xbox Kinect to track the kicking motion of vehicle owners foot under the bumper. The hands-free liftgate is currently available on the 2013 Escape and 2013 C-Max.

Looking Ahead

Using Kinect technology doesn’t stop there though; Microsoft just announced it has plans to pursue ways of integrating Xbox Kinect technology inside a vehicle. The gesture technology from Kinect can be used to change the radio station by tapping on the steering wheel or even adjusting the temperature by sliding your hand side to side. While this type of technology is about three years out it’s definitely a sign of interesting things to come out of the auto industry.

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