Where do America’s Best Drivers Live? Not Cincinnati

Every once in a while, drivers get mad at other drivers. It’s pretty inevitable. I know it seems completely off the wall to ever imagine getting annoyed at another motorist while behind the wheel, but it happens. That’s life. Whether it’s for running a stop sign, not making a right turn at a red light, or getting cut off on the highway, you’re bound to get upset at other drivers at some point in your life for one reason or another. But, if you often find yourself raging at the majority of motorists on the road, it’s probably because you live in Cincinnati. Before you get mad at me and think I’m not only bashing you’re city, but accusing Cincinnatians of being crummy drivers, I’m not! Allstate Insurance Company did. According to the 2012 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, Cincinnati ranks 117th among the 200 largest U.S. cities studied. The data is calculated annually by residents’ car collision frequency.

Rankings for Major Cities in Ohio:

Dayton – 18th (11.7  years between accidents)
Akron – 58th (10.1  years between accidents)
Cleveland – 63rd (10.0  years between accidents)
Cincinnati – 117th (9.0  years between accidents)
Columbus – 135th (8.6  years between accidents)

Top 5 Cities with the Best Drivers:

5. Lincoln, Nebraska (12.4 years between accidents)
4. Madison, Wisconsin (13 years between accidents)
3. Fort Collins, Colorado (13.6 years between accidents)
2. Boise, Idaho (13.8 years between accidents)
1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (13.8 years between accidents)

*Ranked from worst to best

Top 5 Cities with the Worst Drivers

5. Providence, Rhode Island (6 years between accidents)
4. Newark, New Jersey (5.9 years between accidents)
3. Glendale, California (5.5 years between accidents)
2. Baltimore, Maryland (5.3 years between accidents)
1. Washington, D.C. (4.8 years between accidents)

*Ranked from best to worst

To view the full 2012 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, click here.


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