You Put What on your Car?!

Some things never cease to amaze me, so I’m not really surprised that I didn’t bat an eyelash when I saw a car that had eyelashes. When you see these strange accessories on a vehicle, you probably ask yourself “What really compels someone to do this?” Do drivers want attention? Does the driver think car eyelashes actually look good on their vehicle? Is this actually necessary? Or do drivers just like to entertain people’s thoughts with these silly additions and want to leave the world wondering “Why?” Who really knows. But like beauty, pointless car accessories are clearly in the eye of the beholder. From fake bullet holes to antenna balls, here are the top 10 most ridiculous items people put on their vehicle. In case I missed something on my list, make sure to share other foolish car ornaments you’ve seen in the comment section below. You can also let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

About Brittney French

Brittney is a journalist and media relations specialist who lives in St. Louis, Mo. When she's not blogging for Lebanon Ford, she is the author of a women's column and also writes about music, events, and St. Louis sports. Having little knowledge in the automotive industry, Brittney provides valuable insight on cars for those who may be in the same boat. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter @brittfrancois.