How to Setup Your Media Player Through Microsoft SYNC

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Setting Up

There are two things you’ll need before you can start enjoying your music. First you’ll need a cord, either USB or AUX cable (we’ll explain the differences/benefits of each port USB, AUX in the next section). Second, you’ll need something to house your music (e.g. iPod, Zune, Flashdrive, ext.). If you use a Flashdrive you will not need a cord, you can just plug straight into the USB port.

Connecting to Device

Once you are plugged in there are two ways two ways to access your music. You can press the ‘Voice button’ on the steering wheel and say “USB” for the USB port, and “Line-In” for the AUX port. Or you can press the “AUX” button on your center radio cluster which will immediately connect the device located in the AUX port. To connect to the USB port you want to click AUX>Menu>Select Source>USB to connect the device located in the USB port.


USB: If you are connecting your device through USB your device will be charged and you’ll be able to control your music from your vehicle. To do so select Menu>Play Menu and you’ll have access to all the data stored on your device. You can also press the voice button and say (Play: Artist, Track, Playlist, Genre, ext.) followed by how it’s listed on your device and it will play that specific file.

AUX: If you’re connected through the AUX port you’ll be able to control your music from the actual device. With the AUX port will not charge your device and you will not be able to use the voice commands.


This video shows you how to operate your media player once it’s connected through the USB.

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  • Steve

    My Samsung Galaxy just keeps disconnecting when I plug in the USB. What might be causing this please?

    • Josh

      Same and I don’t know why it is doing it. Interesting…