How to Safely Pack a Pickup Truck

In honor of Truck Month, I figured I should write a post about … TRUCKS! And how helpful — and awesome — they are. I don’t drive a truck (my dad does), but having this type of vehicle around has been quite useful in the past. There are plenty of benefits to owning a truck like having a big, cool-looking ride with four-wheel drive. One the greatest advantages, however, is not only being able to transport a ton of precious cargo, but having the room to do so.

A truck is great for hauling materials. After a day of yard work or, in my case, moving home from college, trucks can be a great resource, as it is easy to load whatever you’re carting into the back.

But typically, the truck bed is exposed when driving, so it is important to ensure that all materials inside it are properly secured. Not doing so is unsafe and could cost you a fine in some states or even cause an accident, which I know from experience. A chair flew out of the back of someone’s truck on the highway, clipping the side of my vehicle. To haul your stuff in a truck bed properly, I created a list with a few simple tips below.

How to keep your items safe and secure:

  • Use a safety flag or light
  • Drive more cautiously than normal and make slow, steady turns
  • Use cargo nets, bungee cords, ratchet straps, tarps, or ropes to fasten and keep objects in place while
  • Tie down objects from at least two sides
  • Obey cargo weight guidelines
  • Consider accessories like a bed rail or liner if you frequently transport items
  • Keep heavier objects toward the front
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