Would You Practice Proper ‘Charging Station Etiquette’?

The automotive industry is moving towards a more green, fuel efficient society with the adoption of plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles. But are we ready for such a drastic change in how we fuel our vehicles? There are many concerns to think of when it comes to transitioning to a charging station society. What happens if you forget to plug-in your car at night? What if someone unplugs your car at a charging station before it’s completely charged? These and many other concerns are being proactively addressed by Ford Motor Company.

Ford’s Self Etiquette System

Ford is trying to promote a self etiquette system to influence drivers on how to share and communicate properly at the charging station. A few ways they are trying to make a difference is through, The Ford Charge Card. The card resembles a time sheet which is designed to help you communicate to other electric vehicle (EV) drivers when it is okay to unplug your vehicle from the charging station. As well as marketing short how-to videos on the subject.

As companies like Ford Motor Company continue to increase the amount of EV’s on the road they are striving to make the transition as user friendly as possible. Adapting to the charging station will be a new chapter in the automotive industry but Ford is definitely taking steps in the right direction. So how do you feel about the transition from gas stations to charging stations, and can we trust the “self etiquette system”?

EV Etiquette explained

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