Ford C-Max Energi Tops Prius and Volt at 620 Miles per Tank

Ford C-Max Picture

The most fuel-efficient car in America, Ford’s new 108 MPG C-Max Energi, is now rated as having the most range of any utility or compact vehicle with a 620-mile overall driving range as rated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

C-Max’s closest competitor, the Toyota Prius plug-in, trailed at 80 MPG with 540 miles of overall range; Chevy Volt was a distant third at 380 miles. This means C-Max drivers can travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Indianapolis to Washington D.C. and Chicago to Memphis all on a fully charged battery and tank. This is a huge deal for people who want all the benefits of good gas mileage but don’t want to sacrifice their ability to take extended trips.

“C-Max Energi is America’s most efficient utility vehicle, a great symbol of how Ford gives customers the power to choose leading fuel efficiency across our lineup with gas prices spiraling upwards of $5 a gallon in some parts of the country,” says John Davis, C-Max chief engineer. “The C-MAX Energi’s leading range also means customers can spend more time on the road and more money on their priorities instead of at the gas pump.”

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