Shop Like A Pro With These 5 Mobile Apps

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1. Zappos Mobile: If you haven’t shopped at you are truly missing out (Free Shipping & 365 Day Return Policy). But what better time to start than this holiday season? You can check out Zappos holiday specials online or you can download their app for quick access on the go. (Android / iPhone)

2. Discount and Tax Calculator Free: Discount and Tax Calculator Free App is just that, it is a discount and tax calculator. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t go over your budget this holiday season. Note: The discount and tax app for iPhone is by a different developer but performs the same task. (Android / iPhone)

3. Shopsavvy: Shoppsavvy is a barcode scanner. Simply scan the bar code of the product you’re looking for and it will compare prices with other retailers. The most recent update includes Shopsavvy Wallet which will allow you to purchase products using the app. (Android / iPhone)

4. Red Laser: Red Laser has been rated one of the best shopping apps by CNN, USA Today, The New York Times and more. With over 40,000 downloads it isn’t hard to see why so many people flock to Red Laser for their price comparison needs. (Android / iPhone)

5. Find My Car: Everyone knows the parking lot/garage is an absolute Zoo during the holiday season. Whether you’re alone or dragging the kids along, the last thing you need is to spend 20-30 minutes searching for your car. Find My Car logs your cars location via GPS so when you walk onto the river of black top you’re not left without a paddle. Note: The Find My Car app for iPhone is by a different developer but performs the same task. (Android / iPhone)

Bonus App!

6. Lebanon Ford’s myMobile Garage: Gain peace of mind knowing with a quick scan of your vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) located on the driver door you’ll have instant access to your vehicle’s warranty information, recall notifications, estimated loan payoff, and complete service history. With myMobile Garage you’ll have easy click-to-call access straight to a Lebanon Ford Service Advisor or Sales Consultant, exclusive service coupons, and service appointment scheduler. myMobile Garage puts ownership of your vehicle(s) in the palm of your hand. (Android / iPhone)

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Shopping during the holiday’s can be fun and exciting. Enjoy yourself and always be aware of how much you spend. As always if you have any questions with your in-vehicle technology jump over to our articles on Ford Technology or just give us a call at 885-567-0440 toll-free.

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